Monday, June 26, 2017

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As you all know I am a bit of a shopaholic. Any excuse, and I am there! Recently, I have been considering updating my lingerie and being a little less 'Mum', so have once again been doing some virtual shopping. I find that doing a bit of research before hitting the shops is a good way to get a better idea of what is available, which means you can quickly find what you need, what styles are around and even better, what to avoid.

This year, there are some really interesting lingerie trends around, so now is the perfect time to update your delicates drawer. It is great to see designers catering for every taste, and, more importantly, every size and shape of woman, finally.

Beautiful pastels

It is nice to see delicate pastels, like blush, becoming more widely available again. This year, it is far easier to buy something that you can slip on under a white top without having to worry about the outline of your underwear showing through. Some are so pretty though, you may just want them on show.

More vibrant colours are still available though, largely including dark purple and electric blue sets. Perfect for those special nights out, or in...

Floral designs

The plain or lace lingerie of the past few years is finally giving way to something a bit more interesting. Quite a few designers have used floral designs in their collections with everything from bold and bright embroidered designs to delicate applique flowers being widely available.


The trend for multiple straps has filtered through from tops to underwear. Little bralettes with two or three fine straps are appearing in lots of stores. They are extremely attractive, with the additional straps providing definition as well as support. These have to be my favourite trend of the year and I hope they are her to stay.

Scalloped lace

If you are looking for something delicate, as well as ultra feminine, scalloped lace is a great option. This sheer fabric takes confidence to wear, but looks amazing on.

Multiway bras

Every woman should own at least one multiway bra. This versatile item of clothing is especially handy for taking on holiday with you to save on packing space. The fact that you can decide how to wear the straps means that you can wear it with practically any style of dress from racer back to strapless. Given that it is such a versatile bra you are likely to use it a lot. Therefore, it is well worth spending a little extra to buy one that is made to a high standard. These seem to be a lot more accessible this year with lots of new designs and tricks.

Bodysuits and baby doll lingerie

For the first time in years, mainstream retailers are starting to sell bodysuits and baby doll lingerie again. As well as looking super cute, this form of underwear is extremely practical especially if you are wearing clothing made from lightweight fabrics because it eliminates the problem of the straps cutting in and creating unsightly bulges.

Measure yourself or get measured!

Regardless of what type of lingerie you are planning to buy, you need to measure yourself before you go shopping or even better, be measured professionally. This is especially important if you have lost weight or started to exercise more. There are plenty of videos available on YouTube that will show you how to do it the right way at home if you're feeling shy. It is also worth reading this infographic. which explains the most common bra buying mistakes and explains how to avoid them.

What are your favourite styles right now?

This is a collaborative post.