Sunday, June 04, 2017

Enjoy The Baby Days

"Behold the baby days"

It always sounds like a massive cliché when people tell you to make the most of every moment of your babies being little and it is, but actually though, it's very true.

It's hard in those early days of no sleep, baby sick and tears (ours and theirs) to believe that you won't just some day just be pleased for those moments to pass and enjoy family life without the constant sleep battles and worry. 

It's so true though that once your baby days suddenly pass like ours have, one day you finally get it. You finally understand why those more experienced mums told you to enjoy the cuddles, ignore the housework and make the most of every second. Those moments are special, truly special and pass in the blink of an eye. If I could just rewind and tell a sobbing, useless feeling me 5 and a bit years ago that I would soon heart achingly miss those days, that would be grand.

Do I really miss those 3am bounces on the bed with a screaming colic reflux baby that refused sleep? Yep, I really honestly do, I just wish I knew then what I know now. He's six in a matter of months, growing by the day and yet it seems just a few months ago he was my tiny bundle sleeping on my chest and screaming when he left my side.

I'm so glad that I've taken so many pictures and videos and for the most part written my blog with some snippets of our highs and lows. As much as my heart pangs when I see baby pictures of my two and I'd love to go back and have those moments again, I'm so amazingly blessed (I know everyone hates that word but it's fitting) to have had them and proud of all we've learnt and achieved along the way. Those pictures and videos I will treasure forever and those hard, hard days were officially some of my most favourites ever.

There is nothing more amazing yet equally terrifying as seeing your babies grow up, seeing the people they start to become, noticing little quirks they have inherited from you and even little facial features that are just like yours, but those early instances where you just think 'this is amazing but what the hell do I do?' are actually shaping into some beautiful memories, though it doesn't seem like that at the time.

I'm not saying we should all be enjoying and smiling through those hard days because it's not really possible to do so when you have had no sleep and someone is screaming in your face for no good reason, but if that's you right now wondering if you are doing things right and worrying that your baby is crying because you are doing something wrong or that you just don't understand how the hell you're ever meant to function as a human again, don't worry. We've all been there and as much as it does get easier, the challenges change and I'd give anything to do those days over again and one day maybe you'll look back and feel like this too.