Friday, June 23, 2017

Cosy Angel Essentials - Review & Giveaway

I was recently asked to review some essential toddler products from a brand named 'Cosy Angel', including their three signature products, which includes an educational kids board game 'Super Tooth', buggy hooks and a bath toy organiser. I'd heard about the Cosy Angel board game from a friend, so we were really looking forward to trying that one out.

We've been trying out the products over the last few weeks, here's how we got on.

Buggy Hooks

If you've not tried any sort of buggy hooks before, you're really missing out! I love these ones as they have a long and very tough piece of Velcro to attach the hook to your pram or buggy handle, meaning you can pop them on any model pram with any size frame. They take a hefty amount of weight and are so handy when out shopping with your little ones or with endless school coats and bags to transport!

It's pretty impressive how much weight these little things can hold and for just £5.49 for a twin pack, these ones are really well priced and would make the perfect gift for a new Mum. These have a big open hook and the Velcro is a generous length making it pretty universal.

For me, these are needed more on a single bar pram as opposed to a two handled stroller, as I tend to just use the handles, but this would save on risking any damage to the frame and foam and can be manoeuvred to balance the weight to avoid any tipping over. Having tried a few different ones in the past, I'd certainly recommend the Cosy Angel version. The best thing about these is that each hook separated to give even more hanging space - brilliant!

Bath Tidy

For some reason we've never used a product like this and instead let the toys drain off in the bath and put in a fabric set of drawers in the bathroom. This great little hammock though includes 4 super strong suckers and is large enough to store most our bath toys allowing them to drain back into the bath tub. Draining the toys like this avoids dirty water being held and mould forming within the toys which is something we have had issue with before.

This large size bath tidy (17 X 14 inch) retails at £9.99 on Amazon, and is a must have for all babies and toddlers that love their bath time. We've had no issues with this falling down on it's own and is not easy for the kids to pull off.

Super Tooth Board Game

We love our board games and the kids get super excited when we get a new one to get stuck into. This one doesn't look too exciting from the packaging but is great fun with lots of brilliant little learning tricks to get the kids thinking while they have fun.

A little about the game and what the box includes...

- 4 food boards
- 4 mouth boards

- 32 food cards
- 1 instruction leaflet

Object of the game

A great game to have fun whilst learning. The aim is to be the first person to fill your smiley mouth card with the foods from your list. The game is aimed at teaching kids about healthy foods as well as shape recognition, memory and matching skills.

Setting up the game

- Each player takes their own mouth board and a food list.
- All the food cards are spread out facing downwards.

Playing the game

- The youngest player starts the game, by turning over a card.
- If the picture on the card is shown on the player`s food list, they have to identify what shape is around that item and place the card on the same shape on the mouth board.

- If the item is not on the player's food list, the card must be shown to the other players and then returned to the table face downwards.
- The next person takes their turn.
- Play continues until one player has filled their "mouth" board with collected items, matching all the foods and shapes correctly.

Winning the game

The winner of the game is the first player to collect all the items on the food list and place them on the correct shape on the mouth board.

The Super Tooth game retails at just £5.99 currently and certainly rivals similar games we have tried from larger brands. I liked that both kids could play this at nearly three and five, both learning different things from it such as colour sorting, matching and food groups. I thought it was a slight shame the packaging wasn't a bit more appealing, but the game itself is fab!

If you'd like to win your own products from Cosy Angel just like ours, you can enter via the Gleam widget below. You can also visit their website at for more information and to enter via their competition page direct.

*I was gifted the items for review. Post contains affiliate links. Giveaway open to UK and US entrants, prize to be sent direct from Cosy Angel. Giveaway listed on Loquax, Prizefinder and U Me & The Kids.