Tuesday, June 27, 2017

9 Ways to Lose Weight (Besides Diet & Exercise)

Trying to lose weight for any reason is hard, regardless of how simple some people make it out to be (looking at you Ms. Hopkins!!). It is kind of as simple as eating less and exercising more, but sometimes before you even get to the point where that is achievable, you need to make a few simple changes to get you started and achieve as much as you can without hindering your efforts.

Here are nine ways by which you can kick start (or support) your weight loss/fat loss journey right now, without having to actively diet or exercise, there's plenty of time for that later!

Use smaller plates

This seems obvious, but we tend to eat most if not all that is on our plates. I for one am guilty of eating to get it finished more than eating until I'm full. Eating off a smaller plate means you will mentally be more satisfied with less food knowing you have cleared your plate, avoiding overeating unnecessarily.

Eat slower

Eating slower is so important. Often, we can shovel food in enjoying every mouthful, not giving our stomach chance to catch up. We maybe don't need to eat as much as we would like to think and giving yourself time to digest your food properly is not only better in terms of feeling fuller after less food, but also better for our digestion too.

No distractions at meal times

Although I'm sure most of us eat in front of the TV nowadays at some point during the day, apparently this can have a big time detrimental effect on our weight issues. Not concentrating on food and being distracted means we can once again overeat without thinking. Switch off those distractions, focus on your food and you may just find that it's not as tempting to eat extra when your soul focus is your meal.

Drink more water

Aside from the many health benefits of water, in terms of weight loss, water really is your friend! Not only does water help to flush toxins from your body, but it also helps to make you feel fuller and ensuring we are drinking enough means we won't confuse thirst for hunger, meaning, you guessed it - less over eating.

Sleep more

Now this one isn't as obvious, I actually thought if I stayed up more I'd use up more energy and therefore lose more weight, but in actual fact unless you stay up working out (ha), then the opposite is actually true. Giving your body a decent rest every night makes you less likely to crave 'bad' foods, as well as generally helping to lose more fat. This article explains it really well!

Eat more protein and fiber

Starting the day with a protein rich breakfast gives you an early morning boost, perfect for assisting with losing weight. Protein is great as our bodies take longer to digest it than say carbohydrates, meaning you'll feel fuller for longer; it also helps to preserve muscle mass. Extra fibre in your diet helps to make you feel full too, reducing the need to grab extra snacks and treats throughout the day.

Chew more

Chewing your food more means your tummy will tell you it's full quicker, meaning you are likely to eat less. A good chew on your food is much kinder on your insides too, with less breaking down needing to be done further down.

Hide unhealthy treats 

'Out of sight out of mind'. This couldn't be more true and when you live in a house with others and aren't able to rid yourself of all the bad stuff, you can at least pop it somewhere you don't have to see it constantly. Keep your own healthier snacks in their own place to avoid temptation. Do allow yourself a treat though, just keep them as treats!

De stress 

Easier said than done, but being less stressed gives a better balance of hormones meaning your cravings and hunger will be far less erratic and more controllable. If you can try and relieve yourself of some stresses, your body will thank you in many ways including aiding your weight loss efforts.

There's just a few ways you can kick start a healthier regime before focusing on diet and exercise. Small changes can make a big difference and the human body does some amazing things, we just have to learn how to treat it properly and it will be kind in return!

Have you tried any of these tips before?