Monday, June 26, 2017

9 Rainbow Themed kids Crafts

Rainbow Fun

Both kids are obsessed with rainbows at the moment, or 'rainbones' as they call them! Rainbows mean lots of different things to lots of different people, all wonderful happy things, so a craft selection devoted to these colourful pretty things seemed like the perfect idea as we are seeing so many at the moment too.

Here are 9 crafts I love that are not only related to rainbows in theme, but also simple enough to do with preschoolers and adapt with things you may already have in the house. If you want to see the tutorials for these, the links are below this next image. 

1. Rainbow sponge painting by Kidscraftroom | 2. Rainbow windcatchers by Aprettycoollife | 3. Rainbow Qtips by Makeandtakes | 4. Pop up rainbow card by Chloemejustme | 5. Cloud rainbow by Megacutie | 6. Rainbow windsock by Kidscraftroom | 7. Washy tape rainbow painting by Nurturestore | 8. Rainbow fish by Craftingismylife | 9. Rainbow weaving by Pinkstripeysocks

I love these crafts and I think as a kid my first choice would have been the weaving, which was my favourite thing to do at infant school. I really like the happy cloud rainbow though and we will definitely be making those next week.

Which is your favourite?

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