Tuesday, June 06, 2017

18 Cool Father's Day Gifts

Father's day - 18th June 

With Father's day popping up next weekend, it's time to get thinking about some cool gifts, to give alongside those beautiful handmade kids cards of course. Sometimes it's fun to find something a little different so I thought I'd put a few ideas together to show what cool and slightly more unusual goodies are on offer right now for the men in our lives. Some geek, some fun and some down right cool gift ideas.

My favourites have to be the BBQ tool box and the aero drums! I think these are all great though and hopefully something for everyone, especially if they channel their inner nerd or love gaming.

What a random mix huh? I love the you to me books, they are such an adorable idea and feature heaps of questions for adults to fill in to pass down to little ones so they learn all about they when they are older. If you have a foodie on your hands then hopefully one of these gifts will come up trumps too! 

Do you struggle for men's gift ideas? Let me know if these have helped you.

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