July 26, 2017

5 Reasons I Love Brighton

I've always loved Brighton and truly think of it as my 'soul home', there is just nowhere else quite like it. For me, Brighton has everything going for it as a great place to live, but also to visit, it's quirky, friendly and packed full of things going on every single day.

If you haven't been, it really is a must visit and I'm sure like many, you would fall in love with it too! As part of the PCA Predict #PostcodePride campaign, I thought I'd tell you just a few reasons why Brighton is my favourite place to be.

The Seaside & Pier

It goes without saying that the seaside part of Brighton is brilliant. This is different to other UK coastal tourist hot spots though as it's constantly thriving with activity, packed with culture, sports, brilliant bars, activities for children and things to do. There is always music playing, people singing and dancing and some amazing sights to be seen from the wonderful people of Brighton.

The pier itself is where I spent most my weekends as a teen and my own children love it now too. There are lots of rides, food shops, quirky stalls arcades and fairground sideshow games for the all the family to enjoy as well as some of the best fish & chips you will ever eat! You can't beat pulling up a deckchair and just enjoy taking in the beauty of Brighton.

Buildings & Beautiful Sights

Without a doubt my favourite building in the world has to be the Royal Pavillion in Brighton. I don't know what it is about it, but it just calls to me and I think it's so beautiful especially when it's all lit up at night. If you're into architecture then the diversity of Brighton builds will not disappoint. 

As well as the Pavilion, Brighton is packed with gorgeous buildings from terraced homes, stone banks and old theatres. You can't help but appreciate the mixture of buildings and how the city has grown through the years incorporating old and new. There are lots of sculptures and treasures around the city to find as well and if you're creative, you are bound to be hugely inspired by the architecture of this amazing city.

If you're into graffiti and art, the streets are full of creative explosions from full wall murals to original Banksy's!

The People & Atmosphere

The people of Brighton are for me, one of it's most compelling charms. Brighton is packed with character, bursting with culture and has some of the most creative and quite possibly bonkers people you could ever wish to meet. There are always people wearing their own unique fashions and projecting their style in a place you can be free of judgement and express yourself, in whatever makes you happy.

Because of the laid back and 'free' feeling in Brighton, there is always a cracking atmosphere in most areas with performers on every corner. I always think if (like me) you never quite feel like you fit in anywhere else, then Brighton is probably for you!

Shopping & The Lanes

As you may know I'm a self confessed shopaholic, so it comes as no surprise to hear that of course, I love Brighton for it's shopping. Firstly the more modern shops in and around the main centre, with a large shopping arcade and all the big name shops you could want. There are lots of quirky shops dotted around the streets of Brighton, but if you want the real heart and soul shopping experience then you need to head to 'The Lanes'.

The Lanes are packed full of unique boutiques, antique shops and everything you could want for some alternative shopping. Again, this area is always full of great atmosphere, music, quaint little bars and places to buy a tasty treat. 


Music for me is what connects most my memories in Brighton, from playing in my own Afro Cuban percussion group on the seafront, to seeing some of the most amazing bands from ska groups to Fat Boy Slim by the sea. There is always music and I think this creates a huge chunk of the wonderful atmosphere. I can't even tell you how many gigs I've been to in Brighton now but I've had some of the best times of my life in this city.

There is a great karaoke place where you can hire your own room with friends, brilliant buskers, bands and groups entertaining the crowds on the beach and bars booming out chilled out fitting music all around.

That's just five reasons this city is one of my big loves, though I could talk about it all day! Have you been to Brighton? Which parts are your favourite?

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