July 23, 2017

5 Tips For Selling Old Kids Items Online

Sometimes, we start to feel like our family home is looking a little cluttered and after having kids, this is even more of a problem than before.

From hoards of outgrown baby clothes, to barely used equipment, we often hold onto things for far longer than we should. This is partly becuse they rarely see enough use for the price we paid, but also that good old 'what if we have another baby?' scenario.

Sometimes though, you really have to just 'live in the now' and have a good spring clean, even if we are in the thick of summer right now. Maybe you have an attic or basement full of things you no longer want or need, or every corner of your house is hiding those toys from yesteryear that have remained untouched for some time.

Whatever the case may be, having a good sort out and relieving some much needed space in the family home can work wonders. 

So what's the best way to move these items on? For some things, it's OK to pass to a charity shop or friend, but sometimes you actually just need a little money back yourself, so selling them on not only gives you some space back but also a few pounds to put towards the next family expense, let's face it there are quite a few!

Selling online can really work to your advantage. People are often put off by the time it takes, the fees involved, and even, perhaps not getting as much for the item as it is worth. However, I thought I would share some of the tips to help you overcome the hurdles of selling unwanted items online.

When Alf was a baby and I had to leave work suddenly after my maternity leave, my eBay selling meant we could buy food, keep the car topped up with fuel and basically survive! A few years on and I must admit it is harder now with increased postage and sellers fees, but there are lots of alternatives and I still believe it's more than possible to make plenty of money selling your old items online. Firstly, only keep those really special items, the first baby grow, those first tiny scratch mitts. These are things that can be stored for years to come to keep the memory. Storing the cot, Bumbo or Jumperoo however is not practical and even if you do eventually have another baby, you can always buy second hand when the time comes. Space can be way more valuable than clutter!

Research first

One of the first things anyone should do is to check out the item online and see how much it is already selling for. A simple trick is to head to the filter button on eBay and select to show completed and sold items. This will show you what the item has been selling for. We can all get excited when we see what something is advertised for, but the proof is in the completed items. This will help you gauge the price you might get or even how to list the item. Whether you decide to chance an auction or put it up at a fixed price. Bare in mind that these days people would rather have things sooner, rather than later, and often a fixed price can work better than an auction format. Think about your titles and key words when listing too!

Try out new selling sites

Of course, eBay is normally the first choice for selling unwanted items, but there are more smartphone applications that do similar things for far fewer fees. For example, Shpok or Gumtree. However, it is worth remembering that the audience for other websites and applications may not be as high as more established sites like eBay, but it is worth trying alternative methods. Facebook can be great for fast free selling too and can often mean items are sold on quicker.

Consider alternative delivery methods

We can often be put off selling high ticket items because of cost and also delivery. Many items that will fetch a decent price are often bulky or heavy furniture, cars, and motorbikes, or just something of true value that you don’t want to trust with your local courier company. This is when websites like Shiply could help you out. Enabling you to get a range of delivery options for all sorts of things. Of course, you may need to let the buyer know that you are researching delivery options, but they would rather have an item delivered safely and for the best price, than arrive damaged. Never undercharge for postage or estimate, always work out your shopping costs and options before listing. 

Make time for packing/sending safely

It’s important to realise that you need to have the time to send these items and package them up safely. Only commit to selling them if you have the time to complete the transaction, otherwise, you run the risk of bad feedback or cases raised against you. Packing safely from the off reduces the chances of breakages and potential refunds.

Keep the money to one side until the transaction is complete

Finally, keep the money to one side until the transaction is complete and your fees have been paid. Too many times people have had to refund unexpectedly due to problems, or had a debit for fees a month later that you weren't expecting!

I hope these tips help you sell your unwanted things online too, it's not always the easiest way to make money but it does come with the added bonus of being able to make a few pounds from home whilst clearing that much needed space in your family home. I'm trying to change my hoarder ways and have finally come to the conclusion that if I don't need it right now, it has to go!

Do you sell much online? If you have any other tips, please let me know inthe comments below.

This is a collaborative post.

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