July 02, 2017

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Wearing & Shopping In June

If I'm honest, this month has been all about the casual, comfortable and cosy. I've not been out much and haven't done a great deal other than the school run, shopping trips and our holiday away which was packed with forest/beach walks and tasty food!

I've been a bit less adventurous with colour too and reverted back to my 'safe' colours. I just feel so much better in them right now so why not! Here's a selection of favourites from this month to give you an idea of the kind of thing I've liked wearing and shopping for this month.

The animal handbags are my absolute favourite for daily use. They have heaps of space, are easy to wear and come in gorgeous patterns. I've had a new one the last few years and they are the best bags I've ever had. 

I'm loving my denim shorts after not wearing shorts since I was a kid, these are a longer length though so a little more flattering. On cooler days I love my ripped blue jeans and comfy trainers and otherwise, it's all about layering up for this crazy unpredictable weather and feeling a little more 'me'.

What have you enjoyed wearing or shopping for this month?

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