July 08, 2017

The FriYAY Linky >> 07/07/17


For anyone that may be new to the FriYAY Linky or may not be a blogger, these posts are for everyone to read and bloggers to link up their favourite posts (written or photo based) from the week, making a pretty good reading list each week to get stuck into. There are all sorts of posts and every week can be so different, I love the variety these guys come up with. If you scroll down you will see the posts that have been shared this week as well as the button to link up your own posts and photos if you blog yourself. There aren't many rules for linking, but please do have a read through below.

Happy Friday! I'm back after a weeks break from the Linky, so a big thank you to everyone that linked up over the past two weeks. We had an amazing holiday at Bluestone Wales again which I'll be writing about soon and sharing pictures of our days there and my favourite, the fairy houses in the forest! We didn't see it last time so I was so happy when we stumbled upon it.

Since being back we've been back in the usual school run, working, house tidying, toddler calming ways and it's been a pretty good week generally. I'm a little behind on blog work thanks to not wanting to be stuck to my computer every night on holiday, but catching up slowly!

Thanks again to everyone that has been linking up! I'm so happy to see old and new faces popping up every week and really appreciate your link ups. As always, the posts were all fab but one that really got me was this guest post at Jakijellz which I think most of us can relate to. Do check out the other posts if you missed it though too!
This week I'm linking up my end of month wrap ups from June, with what I liked wearing and a bit about our life for the month, talking about our scary dog attack! I look forward to seeing what you've all been up to this week.


Now it's over to you guys and your link ups this week. As always I'd appreciate any sharing of this linky to help get more people involved! Feel free to link up a few posts too as I love reading them. All posts are shared on my Twitter account with nearly 8K followers too.

A little reminder about the FriYAY Linky #FriYAYLinky

Each week you are invited to link up your favourite or most popular posts from that week. You can link up any posts from the week that you would like to share. Anything goes for this one, just a nice mix to give us some good reading (or nice pictures to look at!) ready for the weekend! I'd LOVE it if you joined in and helped share the linky love by using the hashtag #FriYAYLinky and tweeting all your great posts, big and small. 


1. Link up your favourite posts of the week from any genre.
2. Pop my badge (code below) somewhere on your post/blog.
3. Comment on a few other posts when you have time, it's nice to share the blog love.
4. If you want to, tweet me @wafflemamauk and #FriYAYLinky and I will retweet.

That's all! Happy linking :) I can't wait to see what you have all been up to.


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