July 23, 2017

Shake That Weight - 4 Week Results & Review

During June and early July, I embarked on a weight loss trial with diet brand Shake That Weight.  I've already shared my first weigh in and second update and now I've finished the trial I thought I'd update on the whole process and results.

As the weeks went on, I did continue to lose weight, but on what should have been my fourth week we went away to wales, where I ate 'normally' for a holiday and enjoyed some treats, so there was a gain there, but I got back on track when I arrived home.

caramel shake glass and sachet

My results

Week one - Total loss 8.5 pounds
Week two - Total loss 4.5 pounds
Week three - Total loss 1 pounds
Holiday week - Gain 4 pounds
Week 4 - loss 4 pounds

Total loss - 14 pounds - 1 stone*

Over the 4 week trial I lost a stone which to be honest I was pretty happy with! I did really well in week one, though I hadn't consumed nearly enough water. Week two was good but I did introduce a few lighter calorie snacks to see me through the week. Holiday was indulgent in every way, which I think is just how holidays should be so it came with an unsurprising 4 pounds gain, which I managed to shed again the following week. Had I not had a week off my loss would have been higher, but losing a stone has been a great starting point for getting back on track, as well as curbing my snacking habits and getting me drinking more water again. 

I felt so much better on this plan, with far more energy and less bloat. I think not having things like bread as much did me wonders and I really enjoyed planning low calorie teas which we didn't struggle to fit in or around the 400 calorie mark. I would absolutely love to do this diet plan again and I'm sure I will. It was straight forward with simply having three meals per day from the plan and one low calorie home cooked meal. I managed to eat out during the plan, I got myself into drinking water again which I have struggled with for months and really genuinely enjoyed most of the food.


The shakes were all delicious, I tried every flavour and I can honestly say there wasn't one I didn't like and I'm pretty sure I could happily live off the chocolate ones! The noodle meals were really nice, easy to prepare and filling. Best of all these didn't have that 'protein' flavour that so many of these kinds of foods have. The meal bars were OK but generally I'm not a fan of any meal bars so didn't enjoy them which didn't come as a surprise. I like meals to feel more substantial and instantly filling which I never seem to get from bars. If you like them though, they are a perfect option for keeping in your bag for emergencies. My favourite foods were the noodles particularly the chilli ones and the shakes, especially choc mint, chocolate and Vanilla! These tasted so good and not at all like 'diet' food. I felt really full and satisfied throughout, far more than when I'm eating normally, i.e badly. The very first few days were hard but by day 5 I literally had completely curbed my hunger!

Price wise the Shake That Weight plan is pretty average in the lower priced bracket with its competitors, easy to order and no gimmicks. I would definitely recommend this plan for anyone wanting to get kick started on a weight loss plan. I always think if you can do this for a week or more then you can then eat a healthy diet having shaken the bad habits and embraced the good. If you carried this diet on after the 4 weeks I have absolutely no doubt you would see amazing results and not be bored with the plan or foods.

If you are overweight, there are other methods of weight loss. If you’re clinically obese for example, you might be prescribed the medically-approved weight loss pill, Orlistat (see more info here), in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

For more information on the plan I trialed, you can visit the website at www.shakethatweight.com

*weight loss is individual and your results may vary.​ Collaborative post.


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