July 14, 2017

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Whilst many of us aspire to achieve a stylish home, the hard work of getting one may be more than we can cope with, especially with kids in the equation! The garden is also on my list of areas to upgrade, but seems to always get neglected in favour of work on the indoors. A stylish garden really is the dream, it's somewhere for the kids to enjoy but also for us to sit on an evening or in the sunshine and relax with an ice cold drink.

Most of us though don't have the time to spend hours on our hands and knees tending a garden, what we need is a few quick hacks that will bring a sense of style to your outdoor space with ease. These are three major factors that can have a big impact on your garden, the rest can follow.

Choose the perfect garden furniture

Unless you have ample storage for colder months, you want something hard-wearing that will make it through the harsh winters, but also ooze style and sophistication. The Bridgman rattan range brings you luxury and style as well as a hard-wearing product that will last you for years. All you have to do is throw some loose covers over it in the winter and it will emerge looking beautiful and ready for those hot summer days. 

The right garden furniture can transform your outdoor space. It will provide a stylish focal point for your garden and set the tone for the rest of your design. You can pick any colour scheme to combine with rattan, as it is such a neutral colour, it's also very comfortable, easy to clean and family friendly.

Add a WOW with a water feature

A water feature can take several different forms and needn't cost the earth if you have a smaller budget. It could be anything from an indulgent ornamental pond stocked with koi carp or even just a bird bath! It is up to you to choose what suits your budget and your lifestyle the best. Obviously, if you have children or pets there are safety considerations with ponds, but plenty of options out there for cheap family friendly water feature ideas. 

Any sort of water features will provide an interesting backdrop for entertaining. Water features can be a soothing sight and the sound can help you relax and destress after a hard day at work. You will also be doing your bit for nature, as local birds and insects will love it, especially in an urban setting! If you have a pond or deeper water feature, pop a tennis ball in during winter. When the water freezes, you can remove the ball leaving a gap for wildlife to venture in or out.

Invest in ornamental trees

If you're like me and not particularly green fingered, something like a pretty fruit tree can take up space, add a bit of added wow factor, and be pretty simple to care for. The beauty of ornamental trees is that they will enhance your garden for years to come and once they've established themselves, they take pretty much take care of themselves. 

You do have to take care to choose the right trees for the size of your garden, most trees come with a size guide on the label, so make sure to check that before you buy! Knowing the predicted growth can avoid issues with neighbours or damage to buildings. Some of the more attractive specimens include Korean Fir, Cherry Trees, and Maple.

So there we have it, three main features that instantly add style and interest to your garden. Bag yourself the right furniture, a beautiful tree or two and some kind of water feature and you're good to go. The smaller details can be worked on later!

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