July 31, 2017

Personalised Name Labels With Petit-Fernand

After Alf's first year in reception and Soph starting school soon, the importance of labelling ALL their things is now very engraved on my mind. There is nothing worse than stocking up on uniform (which can cost a fair bit), only for it to get lost somewhere in the depths of school. I now quite understand why my Mum used to do 'the face' when I lost yet another school jumper, or laddered ANOTHER pair of tights. It's not fun replacing school kit!

Labelling everything from clothes, coats, hats, gloves, book bags and even shoes, really helps retain some of the kids things, meaning less spending and a whole lot less stress. I love sewing but sewing in name tags is my idea of hell! We've used iron on labels before and they are a total godsend.


Ready for the new term this Autumn, we've kindly been sent some labels from Petit-Fernand that specialise in personalised name tags for kids, with a bit of a difference. As well as personalised iron-on clothing labels, there are also sticky school name tags and stickers to put on other items such as lunch boxes, umbrellas, pencil cases and even shoes. 

The big difference with these labels is the design aspect, which is completely different to the norm and gives you the option to make the stickers even more personal, without it simply being a name.

When you design your labels, you can select the background colour, we went for a simple baby pink and baby blue. You can then select your font and I just chose the ones that I felt were easiest to read with the letters in their names. Lastly, you can choose a cute illustrative character that will appear on all your labels and for this one the kids chose a cat and a fox for their school clothes.

Soph will be able to quickly find her clothing by looking for her label colour and cat, then as she improves at reading she can recognise her name properly too. Even though Alf reads, I think just being able to quickly see his colour and picture will be so useful for him to pick his jumper out from the playground pile! His teachers I'm sure will soon recognise his belongings at a glance too.

The clothing labels come with a stick on or iron on option, both of which are washing machine (up to 60°) and dryer friendly, long lasting a super easy to use. The stick on option simply sticks to the washing or garment label in literally two seconds, or the iron on option which can go straight on the garment in the absence of a tag, takes around 12 seconds! These can be applied to literally any fabric too.

Aside from the clothing, there's also the lunch boxes, Tupperware, drinks bottles, all of which are extremely annoying to lose and although I've been known to attack these with a permanent marker, the Petit-Fernand stick on labels keep all the school belongings safe and again feature the instantly recognisable designs we created on the website.

These stickers will apply to any surface and again can be personalised from the list of 9 fonts, 100 illustrations and 32 backgrounds including rainbows and unicorns! We decided on slightly different designs for our item labels, aren't they cool?

These labels are an absolute must for little ones going to nursery and school, they are easy to apply, hard wearing and look very cool too! I hope we can get through at least one term without losing anything this time and I have everything crossed that these will help. The kids enjoyed helping to design them and are loving stickering up all their belongings!

If you're in need of labels, I highly recommend these. You can visit www.petit-fernand.co.uk to see all the personalised options on offer and with the help of your children, come up with bespoke labels that will be the envy of all their pals. Do you have a little one starting school this year?

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