July 21, 2017

Home Style // Styling My New Work Space

Since starting my blog and working from home, I've been a laptop on lap, sofa worker, which at times plays complete havoc on my back and isn't the best for good concentration. I've been dying to have my own 'work space' from day one and finally, after a good two years I have my own little work area and thought I'd share my new favourite space featuring my very own office desk!

It's not just about having somewhere to work, but also having a little space JUST for me, where I can safely keep my things and style as I please.

With Soph starting nursery at the school in September half the week, and Alf full time, I will have two full days to get stuck into my work. With a formal work space and somewhere special to keep my things, I think it's going to make a huge difference to working from home and make me feel a lot more focused too. 

My main aim is to stop the late nights and instead work hard in the day times during school hours, and with just over a year before they both go full time and no more babies, it's time to get serious about work again. This time though, I want to be my own boss for as long as I can so I can still be around before and after school and during the holidays for the kids.

I popped out to get a few things to style my desk with and although it's far from perfect or finished, I love the way it looks so far. My next task is to find a desk chair that I fall in love with, but so far here's how things are looking.

I absolutely love my desk which was kindly gifted from Kit Out My Office. I opted for the smaller of the desk designs due to the lack of space available, but I also loved the look of this one. I love the duck egg drawer, an actual draw to keep my very own work things! Finally the kids may stop using my special drawing pens, yes! The desk was very easy to build taking me and Alf around ten minutes, it's great quality and fit's like a dream in my little space.

My new cactus vase was a Primark buy last week, with the other faux potted cactus being from Sainsbury's recently. The 'L' was a wedding favour from my brother in law's wedding. My must have 'Clueless' style fluffy pen (I know I am a child) was from Peacocks.

I love the storage box and mini drawers which were around £2 each from Wilko. They have so many gorgeous office bits in there currently, but had largely sold out when I went in, so I'll be heading out for more soon. The pop up pen pot was also from Wilko, I love the colour and adore the whole range!

If you hadn't already guessed, I have a slight obsession with cacti, but also notebooks, so there's no surprise to see a couple of these beauts laying about! Again, these were from Wilko, along with a mini stationary set in the same design, which has already been pinched by Alfie! Both costing just £1.

For the walls, I want to frame some of my drawings to go behind my desk and maybe add some kind of notice board eventually. So far though, the wall has just been brightened by a couple of Paperchase post cards and some good old washi tape!

The little cactus frame was from Poundland. I loved the Chevron paper inside, so instead of covering it with a photo, me and Alf popped in a paper cactus to fit with the theme - which I cut and he covered with pen prickles. I think it fits in really well and for a pound, I'm not complaining!

So that's my new work space, where I'll be bringing my future blog posts from and hopefully working hard while the kids are at school. I hope you like it! Do you have a home office too?

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  1. It looks perfect. I've actually been sorting my desk out too as my little ones are both going to be at nursery in September! I'm loving the cactus theme, and out of curiosity are those ladybird books the husband and wife ones?