July 24, 2017

Fun In The Sun With Solar Buddies >> Review & Giveaway

A little while ago a video popped up on my Facebook news feed of a product I just instantly thought was pure genius. I quickly shared it to my own page and have thought about it a lot since!

The product I'm referring to is the super clever Solar Buddies, a child friendly sun cream applicator that not only allows you to apply sunscreen to all the family mess free, but also gives kids a chance to do it themselves - without looking like they've lathered on some emulsion (Alf's a pro at this look).

Solar Buddies were designed by two Mums looking for a suitable solution for kids sun cream application, which I'm sure most of us will agree is a pretty messy chore on a sunny day! It's also a worry when kids are at school, on a trip or staying with a loved one that may not have considered sun protection. Kids now have the opportunity to apply their own products in this unique refillable brilliant product.

The Solar Buddies are chunky and shaped in a way that is perfect for little hands to grip and control. There is a roller ball that helps distribute the sun cream evenly, as well as a sponge ring that helps rub the lotion into the skin. The bottle itself is easy to fill with any suncream, meaning you can fill it with anything you choose in terms of SPF and brands. I would love it if they could make a smaller one for applying foundation/makeup, how cool would that be?!

My biggest dislike when applying sun cream on the kids is getting it all over my own hands, particularly when we are out and I can't wash my hands straight away. This eradicates that issue as it spreads the cream well and is soft enough to use around delicate face/neck areas too. This is the perfect size to fit in my handbag, so I have no excuse not to keep us all safe this summer. If for any reason I need to dispose of my Solar Buddy one day, they are fully recyclable too!

In my opinion this is a must have product for all parents, it works really well, it's the perfect design for mess free application, it doesn't leak in your bag and it can be used again and again. A starter pack including one applicator and one replacement head costs just £8.50. You can find out all about the solar buddies on their website and if you fancy the chance of winning your very own starter kit, please do enter my giveaway below!

Have you used a Solar Buddy yet? What do you think of the idea?

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  1. Wow I have never heard of these before! I'm off to have a look! #friyaylinky

  2. No not used one didn't know about this but it is a brilliant idea anything to make sure sun cream is kept being applied the better x