July 12, 2017

The Cosy Holder >> Kids Tablet Time

Comfort with the Cosy Holder

Alf & Soph are huge tablet fans. Soph is just getting to grips with it all, with her big bro being a total pro with gaming and Google searches to fuel his inquisitive mind. They have a 10 inch Samsung tablet and although it's great for play and video, it is a little cumbersome for their little hands (and mine!) so its often propped up on a regular cushion or they bend over it to see the screen. This is not ideal for their posture, even if just for a short while.

We were contacted recently by 'Cosy Holder', with a cute plushy product that's ideal for our needs, fun to look and really handy to have around, especially whilst travelling on holiday recently. We were sent 'Bailey' to try out and review, which resembled a cute cuddly monster with lots of added bonuses, he's the coolest kids tablet holder we've seen!

The first thing you may notice and the key feature to these tablet rests is the reinforced 'tongue' piece that is firm enough to hold the tablet in place, yet soft enough to not cause any damage to screens or surrounding plastics. 

Another great feature of the Cosy Holder is the zip up pocket on the reverse of the pillow. The pocket is again very soft and perfect for storing the tablet itself in when not in use, or in our case storing sweets and smaller toys on our long car journey. Unfortunately our 10 inch Samsung tablet is just slightly too large for the pocket to hide away completely due to the large edges. We still found though that popping the tablet in length ways meant Alf's tablet was kept in a far safer place ready to use, as opposed to it's normal spot of being left on a floor or down the side of a sofa! It's a very large pocket and perfect for keeping other things in on your travels if your tablet doesn't sit inside.

The final feature we loved was the adjustable clip on carry strap, which not only means it's easy for your little one to transport, but also can be put around their waist while it's in use to stop it falling off their little laps. 

If you're wondering how soft this is, then this next picture should say it all! We loved having this on holiday and the kids enjoyed using it as a pillow for a quick snooze, as it's super bouncy and as the name suggests, it's cosy too!

We all give the Cosy Holder a resounding thumbs up, it's a great design and allows them to play/watch during tablet time in a much healthier position, whilst storing away their goodies and being the perfect holiday buddy. Us grown ups have used it too and it makes using a tablet so much easier. If there's one thing I hate about using tablets it's the aching in my hands which really puts me off. The Cosy Holder eliminates that issue completely.

You can purchase a Cosy Holder for your little one by visiting their website - clicking right here. They retail at just £19.99 and would make the perfect gift.

Do you have a child that would love the Cosy Holder?


  1. This looks so cool! I've got a tablet 'holder/stand' for mine, but my little ones would absolutely love something like this guy!

  2. This looks really handy and a great way to keep your tablet safe when being used by kids! #FriYAYLinky