July 01, 2017

Life In June >> Bugs, Bluestone & Beautiful Days

June has been a month of extreme highs and lows. With an amazing holiday at Bluestone, fun bug hunts and adventures with the kids it was going really well but right at the end of June, our little dog Peg was attacked by a large Staffy and we were really scared that we would have to say goodbye to her. It was really scary for Adam and not nice seeing her covered in blood, but she seems to be recovering well and fingers crossed that's it for vet visits.


Wearing - I've not quite lost the weight I need to yet so I'm still not being ever so adventurous with my clothing. I liked visiting the surf shops on holiday and got some nice new tee shirts to go with my denim shorts. Otherwise I've really just liked covering up, wearing hoodies and feeling comfy - boring huh?

Food & Drink - We've enjoyed some more BBQs when the weather has been better, but my favourite things this month has to be the fish and chips we had in Tenby last week. The food was the best chip shop meal we've ever had and we're gutted it's so far away!

Watched - During June we've watched the end of Better Call Saul, caught up with the latest Orange is the new black series on Netflix and watched a couple of new films like Secret Life of Pets which we all really liked. We wanted to get to the new Despicable Me film but it'll have to wait until some time in July now.

Disliked - Although I luckily had a week off from it, the school run is definitely my least favourite aspect of my life right now. It's not just the fact that Alf usually isn't keen on going, but the toddler battles with Soph, the fact we are all tired, it's so so busy in the playground and other parents are so flaming rude and pushy! The worst moment of course had to be Peg's dog attack though, it was so sad.

Loved - Getting away from reality for a few days was definitely the highlight, we were all well overdue a break and it came at the perfect time. We went back to beautiful Bluestone in Wales and enjoyed some of the Pembrokeshire countryside and wildlife.

Most popular blog post - My most popular posts this month were this one about parenting and how it's OK to not be quite so OK at times. The other favourite was my week one weigh in with Shake That Weight where I lost 8.5 pounds.

Favourite Photo - This - A crazy moment from an amazing holiday. They both had an amazing time and were so happy. This was taken in Tenby shortly before having our amazing fish and chips, after a day of beach exploring, swimming and blue slushies.

So that was June for me, how was yours? 

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