July 24, 2017

Kids Parties // Tips & Tricks

Party time!

There is no denying that hosting a kid’s birthday party can be super stressful. There's so much that needs to be planned and put together, from the invitations to the party bags and most importantly, the catering. All the leg work is quite enough to put you off birthdays altogether, but don’t throw in the towel just yet. Read on to discover the some important tips for hosting a kid’s birthday party, and you should hopefully find the whole process a lot easier.

You don't need to spend a fortune

It can often be difficult planning a kid’s birthday party if you have a limited budget, especially when your child is constantly talking about the cool parties their friends had. Don’t let this get to you and encourage you to spend money that you don’t have. There are plenty of ways to host a fantastic party without breaking the bank. Pound shops have everything you need to decorate, as well as party bag fillers and pass the parcel prizes. You could also get something like Tabetha's Touch sweet bags for all the kids, to keep them happy. Kids love the old classics!

Choose something active

Nowadays, getting children outside and playing can be one of the biggest challenges, particularly if they are older. This is why active birthday parties are great. They encourage your child to enjoy the outdoors, and this is good for them. You simply need to choose something that is fun and exciting, such as paintballing games or if you prefer the indoors, contact your local leisure centre for party ideas. After all, how often do children get to go and do something fun like paintballing? This is bound to be the type of party that goes down well with your child and their friends. If you've got the means and room to do so, why not go all out and have a party in your back garden with a marquee from Cap Marquees? The possibilities are endless!

Open gifts at home

One thing you should never do is get your child to open their gifts at the party. Instead, wait until they are home. Bringing the party to a stand still to open presents can really bring down the mood of the party. No child likes watching another kid open a load of toys (sad but true!) that they won’t get to play with. It can also create awkwardness, as some people may have bought flashier gifts than others. If you open them at home you can take your time and make sure you take note of who gifted what.

Send ‘thank you’ notes 

It is important to jot down a note of the presents your child received, and who from. Sending thank you notes is a lovely way to show your appreciation. After all, each parent and child that attended helped to make your little one’s birthday a really special day and put time and money into finding a thoughtful gift. This one is often overlooked these days sadly and I think even if it's just a parent to parent message or text to say thank you, it means a lot to the guests.

Tell parents what their children need to bring

Depending on the type of party you’re hosting, your guests may need to bring things with them. For example, if you are hosting a trampoline party, and it is a necessity for all kids to wear socks, this is something you will need to mention to the parents beforehand. If kids are likely to get messy, pre-warn parents so they don't wear their favourite party dress and risk getting it ruined. If you need a little help with food or drink items on a tight budget, don't be afraid to ask for items towards that too!

Have a laid back attitude on the day

There are going to be meltdowns and messes – it is a kid’s party. Something is bound to go wrong. Don’t let it get to you though, simply try your best to fix the situation. Whatever happens it will be a fab and memorable day and it's often the bits that went wrong that we look upon most fondly in years to come.

Feed the adults too

Last but not least, don’t forget to ensure that there is something for the adults to eat too, or at least make it clear if they can snack on the kids’ buffet if they wish. You should also make sure there is a dedicated space for adults to sit and talk to each other too, make sure there are drinks on offer and accept offers of help if you need it, we've all been there!

I hope these tips will help you with future kids parties. Do you have any other tips? If so please do leave a comment below.

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