Monday, April 30, 2018

Home Style || April Highlights

April has been a HUGE month for us home wise. Not just with posting home related posts, but planning a LOT of work on our own home, visiting stores, meeting with builders, surveyors and losing our minds trying to work out what on earth to do and how on earth we will ever stick to our budget!

Our new kitchen plans are coming along really well. The big structural stuff has been confirmed now, but it has worked out to be a lot more cost wise than we expected, so all our kitchen plans may just be a bit of a squeeze, especially with nightmares like needing a new boiler fitting which is just such a boring thing to spend money on, especially when it's a huge chunk of your budget that would buy a new car or redo our bathroom entirely! Needs must though as it's one of those jobs that we can't put off forever and definitely can't do the kitchen until it's done.

I think design wise, my tastes have completely changed even since posting my mood board just recently. We were opting for a more vintage, cottage style kitchen, but we've now decided that if it's all new and fresh we want it to look just that. We want crisp white lines, newer designs and something that wouldn't look out of place in a new build or magazine, but with the high ceilings and beauty of our old Victorian home. As it's the extension we are rebuilding, it's going to be a pretty blank canvas and although it's not a big space, it's going to be a lot bigger and more usable than it is now, hopefully. I've shared lots of home posts this month, here's some of the most popular;

Bringing the outside in

Subtle and not so subtle ways to bring the outside in, from making bedtime an indoor camping adventure for the kids, to a little greenery or all out feature wall glory of the forest.

Tropical styling

Jumping on the tropical trend, sharing some beautiful home buys as well as some of my own creations that fit the theme like a dream.

Planter obsessions

Because I can't be the only person obsessed with planters in all shapes and sizes, I decided to share some of my favourites from subtle room brighteners to show stopping colour.

My Etsy prints for April

My favourite prints from April are my sea side downloads. These are just £2.40 each to download and print as you wish, they make great presents but also a really nice feature in the home. Lots more prints available so please do check them out, like them, share them, anything would be so appreciated.

Have you had any exciting home buys or plans this month?