Sunday, April 15, 2018

Home Style || Obsessed With Planters?

Home garden planter ideas, novelty planters, metal, concrete inspiration

Being the crazy plant lady I am, I've naturally been drawn to one of the current home trends which is planters, in all shapes and sizes. From novelty animal designs to solid concrete gloriousness, I just can't get enough of them right now and as our house is slowly looking like a garden centre, I thought I'd share some of my current favourites in an attempt to stop buying for a wee while!

My favourite right now are the pots with stands and I'm really loving the larger indoor garden type ones that go on several levels. Plants make a huge difference to your home, they add a vital splash of colour and can really lift a mood whilst adding texture and fun to a room. 

For starters, here's a few smaller planters to give you an idea of what's out there.

Home garden planter ideas, novelty planters, metal, concrete inspiration

1. Maisons Du Monde Copper Look Iron & Concrete  | 2. Trouva Black Metallic | 3. Pinata Planter iWOOT | 4.  Geo Concrete - Magic Show | 5. Book Ends iWOOT | 6. M&S Grey Legged Planter  | 7. Cactus Planter Sasse & Belle | 8. Orla Kiely Evergreen Hanger | 9. Yellow Orla Kiely

I love all of these but anything Orla Kiely always gets my vote, I just love the patterns, colours and vintage vibe. I also love concrete pots and the more raw the better sometimes. They work so well with a wooden stand too like the M&S one above which I think is planter perfection. I'm all for using space wisely, so something like the book end planters is unique, unusual but does also kill two birds with one stone and look really pretty. 

For more of an 'outside in' look, you could look at a set of pots on stands to add the height of bigger plants, without so much of the cost or upkeep, they look great too and could be a real feature. Hanging a series of pots together can create the same sense of an indoor garden space and there are so many beautiful ones out there from metallic, porcelain and fabrics. Here's some more ideas for any areas needing a bit of planter love in your home.

Home garden planter ideas, novelty planters, metal, concrete inspiration

1. Embossed Iron Forest & Co | 2. Large Pot & Stand Forest & Co | 3. Copper Hangers London Garden Trading | 4. Brass Sola Rowan & Wren | 5. Brass & Wood The Forest & Co | 6. Blackened Metal On Stand Forest & Co | 7. Clear Planters All Things Brighton Beautiful | 8. Teal & Gold F&C | 9. Grey Metal Stand NOTHS
Whatever your home or space is like, you can bet there will be a wall mounted, hanging, or stand up planter to suit your tastes. If like me you love plants but don't have green fingers, opt for plants that are super easy to keep, like spider plants or Mother in laws tongue!

Are you a planter addict too? I just can't get enough!