Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My Birthday || 34 Things In 34 Years

As it's my birthday, I thought I'd share a little list (well pretty big actually) with 34 of the things I've learnt in my 34 years. Some things definitely come with age, especially self appreciation and confidence in yourself. I'm actually feeling pretty content right now, trying new things and making sure I have no regrets as the years fly by.

34 Things In 34 Years

  1. Being healthy is super important, size isn't. As long as in ourselves we are healthy and happy, that's what matters.
  2. People will always find a reason to be offended. Stay true to yourself and don't get involved in needless battles.
  3. Cats are definitely nicer than people. 
  4. I'll never be able to complete a Rubik's cube. Ever.
  5. We all need to drink more water, it's magical stuff.
  6. You should always look for positives, even if they're hard to see.
  7. You should always feel grateful for what you have and who you have around you.
  8. You should always find a way to do what you are passionate about.
  9. You should never let others dictate your life or tell you how to feel.
  10. It's better to regret doing something than regret not trying.
  11. Looking after yourself is not selfish, you are important too. 
  12. Surround yourself with people who support you and encourage you no matter what.
  13. Don't be afraid to let people go if they don't make you happy.
  14. If you have a dream you have to at least try and achieve it.
  15. We should all stop staring at Facebook. It really is a crock of shit isn't it? It definitely has its place, but it's not a healthy place to be.
  16. If you surround yourself with 'things', make sure they are special and spark memories.
  17. Too much clutter is stressful.
  18. We should all stop being so hard on ourselves. 
  19. We should care less what others think and be our true selves.
  20. If you're going to splurge on something, splurge on a decent mattress.
  21. If we don't have anything nice to say we should stay quiet, scroll on or walk by. 
  22. We should never be afraid to make changes, however big. 
  23. Our happiness is as important as anyone elses.
  24. Life's actually is too short.
  25. We are all different and unique, being different is good and most of the best people are considered weird.
  26. Dogs really aren't as clever as they're meant to be.
  27. Kids remind you of the little things and help you appreciate them.
  28. Being a parent is the best thing in the world but also the most worrying and stressful thing you will ever do.
  29. When you reach your thirties your skin needs extra help and your hang overs last at least an extra day.
  30. TV and down time is as precious as any other.
  31. Writing lists can be the start to every solution.
  32. We all need to loosen up a bit and dance more.
  33. The days months and years fly by faster and fast every year from your first child being born.
  34. We should all spend more time outdoors, enjoying nature and taking in all the beautiful things around us.

I'm off to celebrate my 34 years with some cheeky cake and pampering!