Thursday, April 05, 2018

Mama Style || Dressing For Long Journeys

With holiday season fast approaching and my very own trip away coming up very soon (eeeee!) I thought I'd share a few tips for dressing for long journeys. With potentially being sat for a long time and unpredictable temperatures, it can often be a tricky one to choose an outfit for and it's nice to feel you look OK when you stop for air too.

Whether it's a long haul flight, car journey or even a coach trip, it's important to be warm, comfortable and wear an outfit that will see you through your many changes up to your arrival. Think about quick and easy toilet trips when you finally stop, so body tops that do up under the crotch or dungarees may not be the best We want to be warm, so dresses alone aren't the best option either. Instead, opt for soft easy to wear bottom halves and layer layer layer when it comes to everything else.

Here's a perfect outfit idea to see you through all eventualities, making you comfortable and warm too. I've gone for a nautical look because that is pretty much holidays in a nutshell for me, seaside!

Tee, jeggings, Hoodie, Shoes all New Look - Over size scarf Trouva - Breton rain coat Lands End - Rapanui beanie - Anchor Tote Amazon

An over sized bag is your perfect travelling companion for stashing magazines, note books, purse, passport and all that stuff you need close to hand. You're likely to be doing a lot of walking so comfy shoes or trainers are a must, even if you're likely to be sitting most the time it's far nicer to do so in softer shoes that are easy to take on and off.

Leggings, jeggings or holy grail super comfy jeans are so important if you are going to be sat down for a long time. Layering with teeshirts, hoodies and a rain coat will see you through all kinds of weather, giving you the option to strip off when needed to cool down. 

A hair band or beanie are always good to keep in your bag to get cosy or keep warm if you want to dose off, they can even help cover up those bad hair moments we often suffer with when travelling! Oversized scarves are also great to roll up as a pillow, wrap around you or cover up like a blanket.

Whatever you chose to wear, ensure you are comfortable for travelling, including sitting down. Make sure you have no irritating garments or shoes that will irritate when walking. Layer up so you're ready for all temperatures and don't forget your sunglasses!

What's your usual travelling outfit?