Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Kids Stuff || JoJo 'Cool Maker' Bow Maker Review

When JoJo bows first got popular, Soph barely had any hair, let alone an interest in bows. The bows seemed to get bigger, shinier and more bling by the day and it came as no surprise that as Sophie got bigger and her love for all things uber sparkly went through the roof, that she would start lusting after JoJo bows too.

This week we were sent our very own kit to make bows together at home and review. The JoJo Siwa 'Cool Maker' set comes with everything you need to create your own bows over and over again in lots of different colour combinations. The set retails at £19.99, it's aimed at 6 years and over and comes with the following;

1 cool maker JoJo bow maker
6 bow clasps
6 hair clips
1 grosgrain ribbon
2 satin ribbons,.
1 organza ribbon
1 glitter ribbon,.
1 rainbow ribbon
1 sheet of sticky gems
1 sheet of jojo stickers
1 instruction sheet

The set itself comes in a lovely box with a big card bow on, making it instantly recognisable and appealing to little ones. Soph is four in July, so although slightly under the recommended age for this, her eyes literally popped when she saw this set, she was SO excited to make her own bows and choose all the elements herself. Alf also had a go and made himself a bow tie which he was really pleased with! I think although he's six, he has a little less patience so I'd say Soph found it easier to make.

To make a bow, you simply pop a central clip  in the bow maker, then lay the ribbon loops together over the top...

Next you secure in place with the blue 'zig zags', squeeze together like a tiny accordion and close the central loop. The centre loop needs to be strong to hold the bow together and your child may need a little help clasping it shut.

Once you're happy with your bow, you can add the hair slide to clip into your hair and you're good to go. Soph was so so so proud of herself and her bows are adorable! I was quite impressed with our first attempts and they can only get better. You also get the embellishments to decorate further if they want to.

Although Soph needed help clipping the odd bit together, I was pleasantly surprised how she could do most of it herself and she really felt like she had made her very own JoJo bow and to be fair they look pretty good too! Our first attempt was a bit wonky, so it's good that you can undo and restart if you need to. If everything is central though and you take your time, the bows look fab and there's no sticking or sharp bits of metal to worry about, just simple sturdy plastic clips. I love the fact that Soph can choose her own colours and designs, get creative and decorate herself.

I'm actually really impressed with this kit, my only issue was that we had made all the bows in about ten minutes and Soph was desperate to make more. The beauty of this though is that you can make them on the day to match an outfit, so it's not a kit that can't be used once they are made, these can be remade in many combinations over and over again. 

I think the price is bang on for this set, it would make an amazing gift and the cost is actually the equivalent of buying 2-3 bows in store, so if you have a big bow fan this could actually save money as well as being way more fun. You can pick up this set right now in all good retailers nationwide.

Do you have any JoJo fans in your house?

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