Saturday, April 07, 2018

Home Style || Tropical Home Styling

Love it or hate it, the tropical trend is still going strong and it's looking like it's here for the long term throughout 2018, right across home and fashion styling.

I am a bit of a fan, but probably on a small ish scale. I'm not ready for a 'Pat Butcheresque' gold bar and pineapples in the living room just yet, but I do love a good feature wall and accessories. I also feel that 'Pat Buteresque' should be a real term when it comes to trends like this. I think I may actually be morphing into her the older I get!

From gorgeous leaf art prints to all out tropical glamour, this years must haves are there for the taking. Here's a selection on offer right now to inspire some tropical styling for your home just in time for summer.

The more I look at the tropical trend, the more I fall in love with it. I love the idea of bringing the outside in a little more, especially when it's a more exotic pretty outside. My own prints have become a little fruity this week and I think they kind of fit the brief too. They are also just £2.40 to download and print as you wish right now, bargain!

Are you a fan of the tropical trend?