Sunday, April 01, 2018

Home Style || March Favourites

March has been a great one home wise. We've decided to re-do our kitchen after debating a move and opting for home improvements here instead.

We've had a bit of a whirlwind visiting kitchen shops, having companies round and deciding what we want done. We had an Ikea trip where we found our dream kitchen and a few extras for other areas of the house. Being excited about our home improvements has really kept me afloat this month and given me something to focus on, whilst other areas like health have been a little underwhelming.

You may have spotted my recent post, with my new kitchen mood board. Here's a sneak peak, but if you want to read more you can click here.

I also looked at a few different areas of home decor throughout March, the first being living with water colours-

I've also looked at the wonderful world of ombre and how it can fit into our homes -

I made a Spring cleaning check list to help us get our homes in order - 

I looked at how we can embrace colour into our homes -

I also looked at embracing quirkiness into our home decor, going all out or just some small touches -

Last up, I looked at the Spring and Summer trends for 2018 to see what's likely to hit the shops and which I liked best - 

It's been a super busy home month and I have really enjoyed doing some virtual shopping and seeing what's in store for the year. We've had some great ideas for our new extension and kitchen and I'll be sure to update our progress and share photos once it gets started.

Have you had any exciting home buys this month?