Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mama Life || Making The Switch To Vaping

*This is a Collaborative post

From my early teens to around aged 26 trying for a baby, me and Adam both smoked and as much as you know it's a stupid habit that will certainly kill you, it really is SO addictive and it's amazing how many excuses you can come up with to keep the habit up.

I knew I'd never smoke during pregnancy (I never did) and never want my children to see me smoke (I never have). Two years ago though I did start smoking on and off as I started to get back a bit of a social life and slowly but surely, having the odd cig became a coping strategy for dealing with stress, having a few minutes to myself or just because it was yet another vice that I justified myself having.

If you've never smoked, the idea of it is probably ridiculous and it really is, but it is just so addictive and soon reels you back in if you've had a break from it, even for me after five years of not smoking. I felt so stupid for starting again and as much as I didn't want to start again properly, I struggled to stop and break the habit. Easier said than done. I never thought I'd talk about smoking here, but I like being honest and I know I won't be the only parent that's struggled with bad habits!

Adam vapes, so I decided to make the switch to vaping too, ditch the stinky clothes, the coughing and get my fix without quite so much health worry. It will also be a lot easier to reduce my nicotine intake and eventually stop from vaping than it would be from real cigarettes, as well as the fact that smoking costs a fortune and I just don't want to be a smoker, especially as I'm speeding towards my mid thirties and already not in the best of health.

I know lots of parents that smoke and I think on stressful days and those many times we want a breather to ourselves, it becomes a really easy habit to slip into and before you know it that sneaky fag at the pub or of an evening becomes ten or so a day and it gets harder and harder to stop.

Switching to vaping has been a slow process, but I'm pleased to say that after around 4 weeks I no longer crave real cigarettes and I'm really enjoying my vape. I'm glad I don't have to stand in the rain now and I feel much more in control of my life. It's no longer a desperate habit and it feels more of a treat than a necessity. You can get all kinds of vapes and liquids from places like Vapebuzz and some people even vape sweet tasty flavours to help with weight loss, though I'm not sure it would work for me! I can't promise I'll never have a cigarette again if offered, but I know I'll never take up smoking again as a habit or buy some, as vaping really has filled the void for now.

If you're a smoker I'd really recommend switching to vape. It does take a little while to get used to it but if you keep it up and have a good strength in nicotine to start with it makes things much easier. There are still potential risks from vaping, but nothing anywhere near as bad as those that come with smoking. I've had to completely change my outlook on vaping, but as an ex 'proper' smoker, I'm glad it's here and filling a gap, making the quitting process a whole lot easier.

Have you ever smoked or vaped?