Thursday, April 26, 2018

Arts & Crafts || New On Etsy - Sea Inspired Art

I started my Etsy store on a bit of a whim after years and years of crafting, producing artwork and being told I should be doing something 'proper' with it.

Like many people I didn't have great confidence in my own work so it took me a while to brave it, but I'm up and running now and looking forward to fully stocking my shop and adding more arts and crafts as I start to get a little more time to get creative.

I'm adding some new prints to my store this week in a slightly different style. Following our trips to the Devonshire coast this month, I decided to make some sea inspired prints including some of my favourite creatures. It's hard not to feel inspired when you're by the seaside with your favourite people making memories and it's always what spurs me onto new work.

I went for a slightly less bold black line and less of a cartoon look and I think they work really well. To see more from this seaside collection pop over to my Etsy store later this week and take a look. My prints are just over a couple of pounds each to download and print as you wish.

I still have lots of other prints on offer and lots more to come, so please do mark my shop as a favourite if you're and Etsy user too so you don't miss any updates!

Are there any prints you'd like to see in my shop?