May 11, 2018

Home Style || Summer Home Treats

I love the home trends this year. There's a mix of vintage style charm and Pat Butcher's finest, which kind of just works for me. I'm happy to see the cactus/plant trend still going strong, there's some really fun prints out for summer as well as some super cute home buys that don't even need to break the bank.

I stumbled across a few things which I really like and although they are suited to a more quirky taste, I think they're great and some definitely fit into the 'so bad it's good' category! I love having some really different stand out items in the house and I think these do just that, as well as being fun for all the family.

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Most of the above are from Asda Living, where I seem to find lots of nice home bits that suit our style. I love the different illustrations and interpretations of the current trends, with some cheaper bits to brighten up our homes.

What are your favourites this summer?

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