Sunday, September 09, 2018

Mama Life || Tackling Tired Break Out Skin With The Epoch Glacial Marine Mud

I was recently given the chance to review some amazing product samples from Laura at Inspiring Your Beauty, to help give me a much needed boost this month. I'm tired, I'm run down and every single ounce of that tiredness is reflected in my skin at the moments which is dry, pale and breaking out daily. Along with other products, my first port of call was the renowned mud mask which I've heard lots of good reviews about, but never tried. I thought I'd share how I got on and show how the mask works on the skin.

The Epoch Glacial Marine Mud is a clay mask with sea botanicals to extract the dirt and impurities from your pores and leave your skin soft and toned. This retails at around £28 for a large 200g tube. The consistency of the product was a bit of a surprise, as I was expecting a thick muddy mask but it's actually pretty runny, meaning a little goes a LONG way. I got in a bit of a mess with my first use, but as I was prepared for the consistency, I held the tube lid side up for my subsequent trials.

The thing I love about this mask is how tight it feels on your skin. I always think that's what you want from a face mask, for it to really pull your skin in and feel like it's doing something. While the mask is on, you can actually see all the dirt being drawn from your pores which is both really cool and a bit gross! It's nice to see it's doing it's job though and you can see from the picture below that my skin was a pretty good candidate for this trial right now - look at those pores.

I was really impressed with this mask. I have no idea how much a tube would last, but with each application I used just a tiny bit and was pleased with the results each and every time. Although the priced seemed high (for me) initially, now I see how many uses you would get out of it, it's not bad at all. I'd think nothing on spending a few pounds on a single use mask pack, so this actually works out pretty well in terms of price per use.

The consistency was unexpectedly thin and runny, but once on the skin the clay really tightens the skin and you really don't need much to use all over your face. Once you have used this once though, you know what to expect and get better at the application and it feels lovely when it's on.

The worse part for me about face masks that don't peel off is the removal, but this washes of very easily with warm water or a damp flannel which I prefer to use. Afterwards, your skin feels undoubtedly cleaner, more even, softer and healthier looking. After using for a few weeks I'm finally seeing my skin flare ups improve, my skin is softer meaning my makeup applies more evenly and I feel less conscious of my tired looking mug.

If you'd like to hear more or try the mask yourself, you can find Laura on Instagram or on her Facebook page 'Inspiring Your Beauty'.

Have you tried this mud mask before?