Saturday, September 29, 2018

Life || September

September has been pretty shit to say the least. Our big exciting kitchen project has taken over a month, it's looking nice but needs a lot doing to be finished and our fitters are proper dragging their feet now whilst they work on other peoples kitchens. That bit feels particularly rubbish, as all the waiting for us here is hard work and means even more time without cooking and washing clothes which is all now piling up. The kids going back to school and Soph starting full time has been strange and I'm not sure how I feel about all this time to myself yet. I haven't been able to get into a real routine so far with all the house bits going on, so maybe that will get easier?
We've spent a lot of time in shops looking at fridges, tables, ovens etc so the poor kids have been a tad bored! We've promised to make it up to them soon with a big fun family day out, probably to the zoo. I've been pretty quiet on my blog and always a little behind as I've had a messed up routine pretty much every day this month and struggled with sleep and motivation.  


Wearing - This month was probably the least exciting ever, it's all been about comfort, matching bandannas every day as I simply can't be bothered with my hair and ALL the hoodies. Must try harder in October! Her's the kids looking cute though...

Food & Drink - Everything in sight this month! No kitchen has meant no proper food shops last month, so we've had lots of takeaways and ready meals but I actually managed to lose a stone - who knew!

Watched - I've watched a lot by myself this month, including Ru Pauls drag race, The Good Place, Kimmy Schmidt and a few not really worth trying to remember the name movies on Netflix! Together we've watched all kinds of kids movies from Hotel Transylvania for the millionth time, to the original Ghostbusters which Soph loves! Last night me and Adam watched Sausage Party which was just as messed up as expected!

Disliked - The stuff I have to have my kids around, like older kids swearing, people on drugs in the city etc. We drove past someone the other day that actually had the needle in their arm, no kid needs to see that, let alone us grown ups. I do sometimes wonder if living where we live has been a mistake, but I know realistically bad things are everywhere and in a way they will grow up being a lot more tolerant and understanding, hopefully.

Loved - I have loved seeing the love shared for our #WilliamRocks around the world. We miss little William and have really enjoyed seeing people get involved with keeping his sparkle alive by placing little artistic finds all over to be discovered and posted to the Facebook page. So far we've reached all over including Japan and Australia, with China ones this week too!

Most popular blog post - My most popular posts published in September were;

Favourite Photo - This one of the eagle at Dartmoor Zoo is one of my favourite photos. The bird show was the absolute highlight of our visit and I was so happy to get some pictures of the beautiful birds that are obviously so well looked after and loved by the presenter of the show. There's something pretty special about birds in flight and I think I captured that pretty well.

So that was September for me, how was yours?