Friday, September 14, 2018

Mama Life || Me Time With Nu Skin - Power Lips & AP24 Tooth Paste

I'll be the first to admit that I've proper let myself go just lately. I'm sleep deprived, over fed, lazy with skin care and haven't really bothered about how I look. This isn't the end of the world, nor is it the first or probably the last time I'll do this to myself, but I need to pull myself up and sort myself out as it does eventually start affecting how I feel. With lots going on lately, I've been really down and stressed, so the last thing I need is crap skin, dank hair and generally looking and feeling rough when I'm already feeling low.

Just recently, an old friend of mine came to the rescue when she popped up and asked if I'd mind reviewing some of her products for her. Laura is a representative of Nu Skin and runs her own business at Inspiring Your Beauty. I'd always wondered about these products and like a lot of people I've been interested in buying them but sometimes put off by the marketing techniques some of the sellers use which can drive me away.

Of course, being a guinea pig for products is always fun, but helping a friend, trying something new all for me and giving myself an excuse for a bit of self care couldn't have come at a better time. I was given a few products to review, all beautifully packed and looking lovely which instantly put a smile on my face! I spend a fortune on skin care and makeup, so to try something new for review is ALWAYS gratefully received and as Laura and hopefully you guys know I am very honest with my reviews, offering positives and negatives where they're needed.

Here's the kit I was sent to try, but as I'm currently on a fair bit of medication, I'm just reviewing the lipstick for now aptly named 'Power Lips', as well as their renowned tooth whitening paste that I've seen rave reviews about and always wanted to try. So this review is largely about putting a smile back on my face, quite literally and with brighter teeth and a glam new lip colour.

Powerlips Fluid - 'Fearless'

First up is the Power lips. If you know me in real life or just follow me on here or my social channels, you'll know that I am pretty much always seen with a full red or dark pink lip. As long as I'm awake, my lips WILL be rocking, unless I'm either REALLY feeling down or very ill. Basically if I'm not wearing it, run a mile.

I like a long lasting lipstick. I'm not someone that wants to be constantly worrying about lipstick smudging on my face/teeth/clothes/kids/hands or wherever else I would definitely manage to transferring too. I use a couple of high street brand long lasting lipsticks that come in a 'lip gloss' style container and last me usually a night out without reapplication, so I was intrigued to see how Power Lips would stand up to my usual tests (nothing mucky) and how much would transfer to cups etc or wear off through the day.

Power lips doesn't claim to last X amount of hours as such, but it is branded as 'ultra long lasting', with the added bonus of being nourishing for your lips, with no feathering, bleeding into the skin or drying out through wear. These also say they contain a weightless formula that leaves your lips feeling soft for hours. They sound pretty perfect right?

Initially I was wowed by the bright pink of my sample, the shade I was given to try was called 'Fearless' and is the brightest of pinks, but I have worn a similar shade from another brand before so I know I can (well think I can) pull it off so I was keen to give it a try.

Firstly, this stuff goes on like an absolute dream. I love my other lippys, but this is the silkiest lightest lipstick I've ever worn and it just feels like I'm putting moisturiser or primer on, it's SO smooth! I love the weightlessness of this on the lip, it feels like I have nothing on them but they feel smoother and softer, just as they claim. I love not having that thick product feeling on my lip or a strong chemically scented smell like some have.

One sweep from the tube easily does my lips, so this will last a long time. I gave my lips a quick blot on a tissue to remove any excess and the colour is so pigmented it just makes my lips beam - I love the way it looks.

The most important thing I think for me is the longevity, which although this does last well, it doesn't last as long as my favourite high street lipstick. BUT, it feels a hell of a lot nicer to wear, the brightness of the actual colour is so much stronger and clearer and although it does wear off a little bit quicker, it's still long lasting and wears off in a much gentler way to my usual one as I'm usually left with a thick almost crust of lipstick around the edge of my lips.

I honestly didn't think this would live up to the hype, I thought it would just be like a lip gloss and would smear off as soon as I had a sip of drink but it does last well and looks and feels great. I'd love to try this in my usual bold red shade next, to see how that stands up. I'm pleased to say I would happily switch to Power Lips after trying this and even if perhaps I needed one more application in a day than I do now, I can live with that considering how nice it is to wear, as I often get super dry lips from my usual choices.

AP24 Whitening Tooth Paste

Up next is the AP24 whitening tooth paste. A friend of mine once posted on Facebook with her amazing before and after pictures, I inboxed her to find out what she had done and it was this very product that she recommended that she had purchased from a rep. I was put off by the price at the time (around £20) but thinking about how much real tooth whitening costs, if this works as well for me as it did for her, that's actually a bargain for pearly whites!

I usually use main brand tooth pastes, nothing fancy just general or wihtening family tooth paste, so I was a little apprehensive about how this would taste. While trialling this, I'm pleased to say that it actually just tastes like any other tooth paste, it has no strong flavours, in fact it's pretty mild with no chemical taste or anything to object to, just your usual minty tooth paste.

I have dabbled with tooth whitening kits etc before, but I've never stuck with anything long enough to see real results, but I was really hoping that this would not disappoint. There has to be a reason that so many people love it though doesn't there?

With a review like this, the results can only be in the before and after pictures which I'll pop below. Within a week I noticed a difference and after a few weeks an even bigger difference. It really makes you want to smile more, especially when having your picture taken. When I've seen tooth whitening reviews before, I notice that quite often (deliberately or not) the after picture has a 'cooler' look to the picture, so naturally that would make the teeth whiter. I think these pictures show the difference quite well, as the after picture is a warmer tone and you can clearly still see the difference in my teeth! I'm so pleased.

Again, this product didn't disappoint. I just used it once or twice a day as I usually would in place of my regular tooth paste and the results have been great. As an ex smoker, a (cold) coffee drinker and all round bad guy of snacks, I was well impressed to see years of neglect washed away with just a fraction of this tube. After a few weeks it still feels pretty full and I'm so happy to say I actually have achieved a whiter brighter smile.

I've been really impressed with these products from Laura at Inspiring Your Beauty and I will definitely be delving into their product range to see what else I can explore. If you'd like more information on these or any other products, pop over to Instagram by clicking right here and see what Laura can do for you, or for a little inspiration, pay a visit to her Facebook page Inspiring Your Beauty.

Have you tried either of these products before?