Sunday, September 30, 2018

Mama Style || September Style

September hasn't been a great month and style wise it's been more of a case of what's clean than what I feel good in. Our house is a tip, it's taken a month for our kitchen work to be anywhere near complete and I've been very down about everything which is probably reflected in my dress this month. We've had no washing machine for that month too, so we've just been washing what's needed like school uniforms etc at a neighbours - I can't wait to get it all in order again. Here's a few favourite days from September ;

My September shopping has all been cosy and ready for a cold Autumn. Apparently we are going to get a few months of freezing weather and snow in pay back for the long hot summer - joy. This year I've treated myself to a proper all weather coat that really fits, as usually I'm wearing one I plan to slim into or it's a cheap high street jobby that lets in the cold and rain. I got this Regatta coat in the sale at Go Outdoors and absolutely love it. I do a lot of walking during the week and with the family outdoors at weekends, so a decent coat was top of my list. Plus, it's mustard so...

I'm still a sucker for dungarees and dresses so treated myself to the corduroy black ones in Primark as I've been after a black pair for so long. I'm not feeling great weight wise though so I'm not sure how soon I'll be wearing them. They fit well, but I'm feeling all belly right now! I also got some new coloured glasses at Specsavers. I only wear them for computer work and reading so stuck to the £25 range and was pretty pleased with the ones I chose.

I'm hoping to get the house and my head in much better order in October, so hopefully I'll have a little more to show for it and have all my clothes clean and stored where they should be.

What were your must wears this month?