Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Home Style || Cosy Kids Buys For Autumn/Winter

With Autumn almost upon us, I thought I'd share some fun kids buys to help keep our little ones cosy this coming season, with things to keep them warm and others to simply add comfort to their favourite chilling spots.

Kids decor and clothing tends to be much more fun and colourful, so there's a mix of colour and more muted tones to fit in with the rest of the house when they bring things out their room. I'm all about extra lighting in Autumn and Winter, with some comforting twinkly sparkle to help relax after a busy day at work or school, so I've popped in a few lighting options too that are safe for children to use and work in any setting.


Starting with lighting, I've added my favourite balloon dog light which I love in a turquoise colour, as well as a fun light up letter to decorate a playroom or bedroom, to help learn letters or just represent the letter of their name. I've also added a brilliant little light from KD Toys called Tiny Boo, which aside from looking pretty adorable, gives kids the option to have a little reassuring light while they sleep. There is also a lantern version with the option to carry it to the bathroom or parents room when needed.

To make bed time even more comforting, I'd like to get them some soft brushed cotton bedding which takes away that chill of regular sheets on a cool night. Added to the softer linen, the dream tent also blocks some cold from our little ones while they sleep, mutes any light making it easier to drift of and makes just the perfect accessory for any kids room. Ours has helped Soph sleep no end for the last few months. For super cold nights, a classic hot water bottle does just the job, either snuggled up to on the sofa or left under the sheets to warm the bed.

For cosy hot chocolate on the sofa days, of course the kids need their very own super special mugs and I think these dinosaur ones are great (I'd use them myself). With a hidden dino surprise inside, but a grown up muted colourful exterior, these would look lovely in the kitchen and be perfect for warming those little hands. As well as their hot chocolate, a blanket is a must such as the classic shark or mermaid style, with an extra special cushion of their own for comfort.

I love the idea of having giant bean bags for the kids too, with fluffy cushions to create their perfect chilling space, and ear muff style headphones when they want their own space or tablet time. Also, adding extra textures like the pom pom garland just adds a bit of warmth and colour to a room and of course every kids needs a pair of USB warming narwhal slippers in their life!

What would your kid buys be this Autumn?