Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Home Style || Master Bedroom Wish List

On our HUGE list of house jobs this year is our Master bedroom. This is something I am so excited to get sorted and I'm constantly looking for ideas. At the moment, we have magnolia walls, cream carpets and cheap paper lamps which were fine when we moved in, but after 9 years I'm desperate to inject a little personality into our bedroom. It's also all looking a bit old and tired and screaming for a makeover.

Now the kids are older and we have our bedroom back a bit more, it's definitely time to start making it special, by adding some much needed colour and a bit of fun. I love having a bit more greenery around too, but they would have to be fake plants as I'm a bit of a plant murderer so it will save money in the long run and keep them looking nice.

Here's a few ideas on my wish list right now to give an idea of the kind of bedroom I'd like. A touch of colour, a planty theme and a big old splash of all my favourite things.

1. Cactus wallpaper | 2. Water colour cushion | 3. Set of four posters & Various frames IKEA | 4. Pineapple night light | 5. Artichoke pendant  | 6. Candle holder  | 7. Fur cushion | 8. Concrete pot | 9. Monstera | 10. Cactus blanket | 11. Ikea large cactus   

As my work desk in also tucked away in our bedroom, I'll be spending a lot of time in there now the kids are both heading to full time school so I really want it to feel like a comfortable, bright inspiring place to be. At night time, I want the room to be relaxing, peaceful and full of my favourites to help me get a good nights sleep.

I love the marble effect on the lamp shade, it's a little different to the norm and just adds a nice touch to an otherwise very white ceiling. We have two fixtures in our large bedroom and I think a pair of these shades on show would be a really pretty feature.

My cactus obsession has never gone away, so I'm going to embrace it big time with some wall art, some potted cacti and best of all, a cactus themed feature wall! This paper is classed as a kids one, but I love the tones of colour and the fun cartoon feel. I also want a big wall of art prints, quotes and posters that express our family a little. Although I make my own prints, I'll also include something like the poster pack from Ikea (bottom right) for some added inspiration.

We've already got a new mattress, so at some point I'd love a nice new bed base, maybe with ottoman storage or more drawers so we can have less furniture in the room and more room to breathe. I'm very excited to decorate!

Do you have a theme in your bedroom?