Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Home Style || September Wrap Up

All the home stuff is my bag, it's what gets me excited and my absolute favourite thing to shop for and write about. This month though it has become a bit of a chore as we try and problem solve our kitchen, receive our faulty kitchen table and wait for our kitchen fitting to be completed. 

The initial excitement of looking for things like fridges wears off very quickly when you have been to Currys to see their models every weekend for a month. We've had ours delivered now and I'm still not sure it was the right choice! I guess as they are so big we'll just get used to it?

The kitchen renovation is taking its time, it's been nearly a month and although most the big stuff is done, we're so gutted it's nowhere near finished and as the fitters have now moved onto other jobs, they are fitting us in when they can for an hour or two so it feels like we're getting nowhere quick. Things are looking nice though, I just hope it's all done correctly as we've already had one leak and a few things we're not happy with - this is SO stressful. 

I have enjoyed some shopping though, for things like soft furnishings and those little fun bits. Here's a few home posts from September;

I've really enjoyed writing these posts and I think it's really important to think beyond the kitchen right now to see what else I can get stuck into around the house. Right now, every room needs a lot of work in terms of decluttering and decor, so I have lots to keep me busy for the rest of this year at least! I'm loving the season change though with all the cosy home bits, it's the best time of year for being home isn't it? If you're having any issues in your home that you need help with, from storage solutions to space saving, pop me an email or comment below and I'll do my best to help find a solution.

Did you make any home buys/changes this month?