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shallow depth or narrow width american style fridge freezers uk

If like me you're a big fan of American style fridge freezers but lacking in space either depth or width wise, then this may just help you on your quest for the perfect buy. For us, our dilemma was finding an American style appliance that had the right look externally and extra space needed internally, without protruding out much further than the work top it's going next too - or being too wide that it totally dominates the room.

To save hunting time, I thought I'd share some of the best American style fridge freezers on sale currently that are either space saving in the width or depth department. Although heights vary significantly too, this tends to be less of a concern with most rooms being a standard height. It's still worth checking the height before you buy though if you have any restrictions or obstructions such as pipes or vents on the placement wall.

Shallower depth (70cm or less) American style fridge freezers

shallow depth or narrow width american style fridge freezers uk

1. Logik (57.5cm deep) from Currys | 2. Hisense (68.6cm deep) | 3. Kenwood (70cm deep) | 4. Haier (67.5cm deep)

The four examples above range between 57.5cm and 70cm. These are all pretty shallow in terms of American style fridge freezers and it just goes to show how much space can be saved with just a little extra research. The first one, Currys own brand Logik comes in at just 57.5cm deep, making it less than a standard kitchen worktop. This is ideal if you don't want your appliances protruding beyond the edge of the work surfaces whilst still being packed with useful space and looking great in your kitchen.

The other three models are all great examples of the shallower end of the scale, and whilst depth obviously has it's perks internally, it can make a huge difference to the look and spacial feel in your kitchen. Every inch of space in our family homes is precious so to save space like this where we can, even with just opting for a product with no handles - it all helps. Of course there are lots of other brands and models available, as well as different colour options, but we narrowed it down to these for both the prices and also the fact that Currys is the only place locally we can actually go in and road test them. It's amazing how good things look online, with things like stainless steal looking easily dented and scratched in store, so it's well worth looking at them in the flesh if you can do before committing to a purchase.

Narrow width (70cm) American style fridge freezers 

shallow depth or narrow width american style fridge freezers uk

1. Haier black (70cm wide) | 2. Hotpoint (70cm) | 3. Hoover (70cm) | 4. Hisense (70cm) | 5. Haier steel (70cm)

American fridge freezers can be HUGE and it's only when you go round a store and see them all together, you see how much they all vary. They can go from not being much wider than a standard fridge freezer, to taking up an entire wall so always always take some good measurements of the space it's going to go before starting to shop.

These freezers are all 70cm in width and when you think that the average is around 90cm, that 20cm saving is HUGE in terms of preserving much needed space and not having your fridge freezer dominate your kitchen.

The only problem with a narrower choice of American style appliances is that they do loose their charm slightly. The thing we love about these fridges is the double opening doors, the abundance of storage and the sheer volume of space to fill inside. As well as that, they also look pretty cool and can make a feature of what is usually a bit of an eyesore in the kitchen.

These options however, although narrow do still have that charm we desire when shopping for this kind of fridge freezer. You do still get that WOW effect when you open the doors, there is still plenty of storage and they are still a lot more interesting to look at than your standard white 50/50 fridge freezers that we've always known. If you're after one with a water or ice dispenser, check to see if they need to be plumbed in too as some do, some don't.

When it comes to shopping for one of these bad boys, it's really going to be different for us all. You may have a huge length of wall to fill, making an American style the perfect option to utilise space in a practical way, but you may not want it invading into your floor space. You may have limited wall space but be less bothered about protrusion into the room.

Whatever your needs, I hope this helps guide you in the right direction and show you that however awkward your kitchen, you can still have the fridge freezer you're lusting over, you may just need to do a little research to find the perfect fit for you.

Do you have an American style fridge freezer? What are the pros and cons for you?

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shallow depth or narrow width american style fridge freezers uk