Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mama Life || Caring For Your Hair This Autumn/Winter

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Just like the extremes of summer, when the weather starts to cool it can have a huge impact on our skin and hair. Focusing on the hair this time round, I thought I'd share some of my favourite products for keeping my long over heat styled hair in check and in a manageable condition as the temperature drops. It's all about treating you hair to a good conditioning treatment each week, using the right products for your hair and keeping your hair protected day and night.

1. Heat protection spray GHD | 2. Wella Hair spray | 3. Silk hair wrap | 4. Garnier hair mask | 5. Mane & Tail Shampoo & Conditioner | 6. Organix Serum

Whatever your routine, if your hair is in need of a little extra loving care this coming season, then you may well want to try these products to see if you love them as much as I do. 

Starting with the general wash and condition, I have used a million shampoo & conditioner options over the years and my hair reacts so badly to some. With a lot of popular brands making me into a full frizz fest and some leaving my hair feeling full of product and needing another wash straight after. I have now discovered Mane & Tail, and as the name suggests, it can be used on horses too! I don't know whether I'm secretly part horse part woman, or whether my hair just loves this stuff but I've honestly never had such good results from products for my hair.

Although it took a few washes to really fall in love with this stuff, I soon realised that although my hair didn't perhaps have the false sheen some products give, it did make my hair stronger and longer in no time which is the main thing for me. Since using this my hair has felt in much better condition. Having run out recently and spending a couple of weeks using regular high street brands, I soon rushed back to Amazon to get this on order as I could feel my hair getting back into a bad way and craved my Mane & Tail products again. If you've not tried this, I'd suggest giving it a go in place of your usual buys for a few weeks to see if you see a difference too. This extra strength and hair health is so important when battling with the elements this winter.

When drying the hair, I always try (but often forget!) to use a heat protection spray before drying and straightening. It's only when you stop using this you realise quite how quickly your hair can deteriorate from heat abuse, so it's well worth stocking up and giving your hair a helping hand during styling. As I've just upgraded back to GHD's again, I've made the switch back to the actual GHD spray too, to make sure it's right for the styler I'm using and protecting my hair as best I can.

Once styled, I like to keep my hair in place with the Wella Shockwaves firm hold hairspray. I find that if my hair gets slightly drizzled on or wind swept, it makes me play with it far more, leaving it greasy and looking worse than ever. This spray looks pretty natural but keeps my hair in place all day until it's brushed or washed out. Having tried quite a few, this is my favourite for not leaving my hair with that wet look and giving the best hold.

Either in the morning or just before bed, I tend to give my hair a top up of moisture with either an oil or serum just like watering a plant to keep it healthy in the hot or cold weather. I love the Organix products, but particularly love this serum and the equivalent alternatives from the company.
At bed time, I've recently discovered silk hair wraps which are basically a super soft silk turban type wrap that you wear at bed time to protect your hair. If you don't have silk bedding, this is the next best thing. These wraps keep your hair from frizz in the night and also prevent any further damage from abrasive bed linens while you sleep. These are so comfortable to wear you won't even know you have it on and whilst it may look slightly odd (sorry Mr W) it makes a noticeable difference in the morning with my hair needing less styling and product. These also prevent hair loss and promote growth - win win win!
Last up is your weekly or so deep hair treatment. A hair mask to leave in over night or as long as you can put up with to truly nourish your hair and give it back some of the moisture it may crave. I love the Ultimate Blends products, but my favourite has to be the hair masks which smell amazing and give your hair a really healthy softness after use. 
What's your Autumn Winter must have for your hair?