Monday, December 10, 2018

Home Style || Our Christmas Home

I love decorating for Christmas, but having felt pretty hemmed in by the clutter in our home recently, so now it's slightly clearer I haven't wanted to go too overboard on the decorations this Christmas, opting instead for more twinkly lighting, two classically decorated trees and a few well placed ornaments that look pretty and festive but don't over crowd our house.

I thought I'd share our Christmas home decor this year as it's looking so pretty, especially in the new kitchen which isn't quite finished yet but has quickly become our favourite spot in the house to be together, relax and eat as a family. We are cooking Christmas dinner at home this year for the first time in years, so it'll be nice to have it looking pretty and looking all Christmassy for the big day.

Kids rooms

The kids have done their own decorating so there's plenty of baubles and tinsel strewn around their rooms to their liking. Alf made himself a little cardboard tree and decorated it. It doesn't stand to well but it's very sweet and a lovely idea. Their stockings are hung waiting patiently already on their doors and they are super excited about finishing school and starting the festivities.

Living room

The living room is always the hot spot when it comes to decorating for Christmas, it tends to be where our cards go, our main 7 foot tree goes, the gifts go/get opened, and we spend most our time. Our tree is just an explosion of colour, with pom poms, pom pom garlands, tinsel, two colours of lights and every bauble we love including some special home made ones and ones we have been given. I love all the different decorations we have and that our tree is heavily laden but so bright, sparkly and colourful.

It makes me so happy looking at it. We also have lights going around the ceiling, a mini glass house full of candles, a gingerbread man garland on the fireplace and a little nativity scene. Last weekend I made a pom pom garland for the bay window that isn't over Christmassy but looks pretty and ties in all the bright colours. Our cards will be hung on our door on a special gold card hanger and a few little gifts have started to find their way under the tree too!


The hallway is much quieter on the decorations this year, with a simple wreath on the front door and some lights around the mirror. As it's the entrance to the house, I need it to not feel too cluttered this year as I can't cope with that feeling of the walls closing in right now, so subtle and a bit of sparkle is the way to go.


The kitchen has nearly been finished, but it's ready enough to decorate for Christmas with icicles in the conservatory, a smaller more subtle Christmas tree, some twig lights and a few subtle hints at Christmas dotted around. I love the Scandi style Christmas and although we haven't quite cracked that, it is looking really pretty and suits the kitchen itself.

Although I love this time of year and decorating the house, I know that it'll feel equally as good in a few weeks to take it all down and give the house a good clean! You can't beat the feeling of having that space back and sorting the house out after Christmas.

Have you decorated much yet this year?