Sunday, December 23, 2018

Healthy Mama || Tips For A Better Nights Sleep

Lack of sleep makes a huge difference to our lives, with struggling day to day with normal tasks, to health problems and feeling run down. Not being able to sleep can feel very frustrating, it's a natural need for all of us and yet many of us find this basic act impossible. Sometimes, we just need a little help with getting a good nights sleep and without reaching for something more medical, there are a few things we can try that can help ease you into a more relaxed state for bed time. I thought I'd share a few tips that may help you, after battling with poor sleep for a long long time.

Tips for better sleep...

Download a sound app - whatever relaxes you, there's an app for that! With sounds of gentle splashing waves, twinkly baby music or soothing nature sounds, whatever helps you relax your mind and body for bedtime, download the app and drift off as you listen to it quietly.

Tidy your bedroom - A tidy room makes for a tidy mind. It's far more relaxing going to sleep knowing you're not surrounded by clutter, so get tidying and make your bedroom a clear, peaceful space to be in.

Put on clean sheets and PJs - Nothing beats that feeling of slipping into clean sheets, but clean PJs (if you wear any) can help too.

Listen to music - Music is good for the soul, so whatever takes you to your happy place and doesn't get you in rave mode but instead relaxes you, get it on before bed and close your eyes as you listen. Just be careful if you use headphones to take them off before you sleep if there's any long wires.

Read a book/listen to an audio book - Sometimes delving into a good book can work wonders for helping you relax for sleeping. Even if it's a gripping story, just reading those lines over and over can help you unwind. If reading isn't your thing, maybe try downloading an audio book with a gentle voice to soothe you.

Reduce stimulants before bedtime - Try not to have things like sugar, caffeine and nicotine too close to bed time as these can keep you awake for longer than you plan to.

Reduce lighting  - Softer lighting at bed time and for the hour or so before can help you unwind for a better nights sleep too.

Keep a note pad next to the bed - If like me your mind comes awake at night time, keep a note pad close by at all times to empty your head so you don't forget those late night inspirations that can keep you awake.

Reduce screen use before bedtime - Screens are bad news for bed times, they can take a while after use to fully relax, so try not to use your phone in bed or at least for a short while before hand.

Avoid day time naps - Napping in the day is absolute bliss, but it does play havoc with bed time sleep. Try to battle through the opportunities to nap in the day time and save those Zs for the night.

Have a bedtime routine - Having a bit of a routine to follow can help you unwind. By taking those same steps each night you body will start to learn the pattern and adjust to a better sleep each night.

Exercise more - By exercising more when we can, our bodies will naturally want to rest more at night and we will need that sleep to repair for the coming day.

Get fresh air in the day - Fresh air also helps by making you sleepier for bed time, so whatever your plans in the day, try and get out for even a short walk or venture into the garden to get some fresher air, keep you awake for longer and help you drift off at night.

Update your mattress and pillows - It's recommended that we change our mattress around every 8 years, so if you're due an upgrade get on it as a new mattress can make the world of difference. The same goes for pillows, they don't last for long and make a big difference when refreshed.

Give yourself time to wind down - Time to wind down is vital if you want to sleep well. We can't expect to be working or playing hard and instantly switch off for sleep. For some people, it's as easy as laying down and closing their eyes but for many of us that wind down time is much needed.

Distract your mind - If you're one to lay awake thinking about everything, then find ways to distract your mind, either with sleep inducing products like natural sprays and lotions, to those things mentioned above such as music, sounds and fresh smelling bedding.

Do you struggle with getting to or staying asleep?