Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Home Style || December Home

December has of course been ALL about those Christmas decorations, getting the tree up, lit, covered in baubles and adding some extra twinkles around the house. This year, we toned down our decorations a bit, with a tree in the conservatory adorned with neutral whites and metallics, a few tasteful decorations dotted about, a pom pom garland in the front window and of course our main tree in the bay window with a million baubles in every colour and style possible. 

We've been battling damp once again in our new kitchen (sob) but thankfully it's just a few small areas right now so hopefully it'll be an easy fix for us and something we can do ourselves when we've saved up a  bit of cash for it. This time of year is always worse for damp, so as long as it doesn't start getting much worse, it'll probably be on hold until spring time when the weather perks up and we can bear having the doors open to have the work and re-plastering done. Although technically we should be able to get the builders to come back and fix it, we don't feel comfortable having them back here and didn't have the best experience with them.

Next year I have a big list of plans for our home, so I've been trying to break it down into small manageable plans to make it a bit more achievable and affordable. I really want to get our bedroom sorted, we need a whole host of new furniture and it all needs a good lick of paint too. I want to create a more grown up peaceful space for bed time, which will hopefully help with my terrible sleep pattern too so this is top of my list.

This month I shared some tips on making your home toasty warm over winter, making space for Christmas, preparing the garden for winter, knowing when to call in the professionals and of course a little about our Christmas home with some pictures of our decorations. I must say I am quite excited about the post Christmas clean up, taking down the tree and getting all the gifts into their new homes. For now though, I'm enjoying the happy mess and for once not feeling hemmed in by the clutter, because it's all gifts and happy things with all of us home which I love.

Hows your home looking this December?