Sunday, December 16, 2018

Kids Stuff || Play Time With DesignaFriend

If you have a little one at home that loves playing with dolls, or are looking for a great gift, then take a look at the DesignaFriend range. This range includes a selection of high quality 18 inch beautiful  fashion dolls, along with a number of accessories to really encourage role playing and a super special toy that can be treasured or collected for years to come.

The DesignaFriend dolls come beautifully boxed, wrapped in branded tissue paper so the initial meeting of their doll is really special. Seeing the doll, investigating her perfect little clothes and even finding a little silver bracelet for the child to wear makes things even better. These are child proportioned dolls, with a good weight to them, made from high quality materials.

I love that the dolls are all different in their own way, with lots of choices with skin tones, hair colours and style. The dolls just have an appearance of little girls that feel grown up, with no inappropriate elements and a very simple soft body. These dolls are just like little friends for our kids and after Soph received one to review this week named Abi, she's teamed her up with her much loved older doll who is now her sister. They have lovely hair that can easily be styled and brushed.

Soph's been chatting away with her doll, enjoyed taking off her little shoes and putting them on neatly and trying on different outfits. Each doll has their own style and it's a great message to little girls to be who they want to be and wear what you love. The accessories are also chunky and sturdy, perfect for little hands.

Abi looks very similar to Sophie's old doll which she calls Bella, and it's really nice to see how she interacts with these dolls compared to her baby dolls. Although Soph still loves baby dolls, these older dolls are just like her, they feel grown up, they love dressing up, they're beautiful with silky hair and the play possibilities are endless. Soph loves that she can style the dolls hair and speaks to her like a really good friend, it's pretty adorable.

Clothes wise, Soph's new doll Abi is wearing an on trend fuchsia cold shoulder top with lace detail, fashionable ripped knee white jeans and some little sparkly fuchsia pumps that fit easily on and off her feet. No high heels, no unrealistic body shapes and just a cute little friend to play with.

As an added extra, the little bracelet for kids to wear is a lovely touch, a grown up but fitting accessory to make the meeting of their new DesignaFriend even more special. This is the first real bit of jewellery Soph's had and she adores it!

The DesignaFriend range is great and available exclusively from Chad Valley at Argos, retailing from around £20 for the doll, varying with different outfits and accessories too. These would make an amazing gift and will stand the test of time!

Do you have any doll fans in your house? 

* We were sent our doll in exchange for an honest review. All words & images are my own.