Monday, December 24, 2018

Mama Style || December Favourites

December has been pretty mild which has been perfect for me clothes wise. We've had Adam's Christmas party, I've had about 6 inches of hair cut off and we've been busy, really really busy!

The busyness has meant a lot of quick dress days, casual comfort clothes and lots of bandanna days which I've been having less of lately, but enjoying their return. I decided enough was enough this week and booked in last minute for a big hair chop at a salon in town. My hair was in such bad condition I knew I would need a lot taken off so had researched some short, very short styles. When I got there though the hairdresser said that although there was a lot of damage, I didn't need quite as much taken off as expected and said that the styles I had chosen wouldn't work with the way my hair was. So, instead of opting to look like an 80's choir boy, we kept as much length as possible, I had a conditioning treatment and had the damaged parts trimmed to blend into my hair giving me a little bit more of a 'style'. As it grows, it should even out and with regular cuts and a balayage dye in Feb, it should start to look how I dream of it looking. It's really hard to justify spending so much money on myself but I've decided I'm a worthy investment as much as everyone else, so I'm just going for it. I also spend a LOT to try and get my hair looking average at home, so it just makes sense to start having it done properly.

For the Christmas party I opted for my favourite black dress, which worked well and I always feel nice wearing it. I had my hair straight as it was pre cut and had luckily washed well, along with black boots as I just can't do heels at the moment. 

Generally I'm going to start looking after myself a bit more, applying a little more self care and sprucing myself a little more each day so I feel a little brighter.

What were your must wears this month?