Thursday, December 06, 2018

Mama Life || How To Make Your Home Toasty This Winter

As the temperatures drop outside and all across the country, we’re starting to wonder if it’ll be a white Christmas, it’s time to turn our attention to keeping our homes warm over the coming months. From quick checks to in-depth updates, there are plenty of ways to warm things up this winter.

If you’re trying to keep the heat from escaping, here’s a quick checklist to give you some inspiration.

Draught Checks

Look out for draughts around the home, particularly near windows and doors. Once you’ve detected where heat may be escaping, start adding excluders and insulating tape to trap the warmth.

Insulate Windows

As well as using draught excluders to block in the heat, it’s important to ensure your windows are dressed so that you can insulate the room. If you have curtains, leave them open during the day in order to allow in the heat from the wintry sunlight, then draw them as soon as the sun sets so you can keep the heat in and add extra warmth.

Should you have blinds, invest in made to measure ones like these from Direct Blinds so that  every part of the window is covered. This means that, thanks to their snug fit, the heat is less likely to be let out of the room as the blinds act as a barrier.

Consider the Flooring

Another way to warm everyone up is to keep the floors warm. Adding a rug can insulate flooring, especially over exposed floorboards or thin carpets. Choose a thicker rug in order to cover any gaps in the floor and offer extra warmth for feet. In addition, if there are gaps in your stripped floorboards, the cold air can get in. A silicone-based filler will block the gaps and stop draughts from getting in.

Bleed the Radiators

Whether you live in a studio flat or a four-bedroom house, it’s crucial for your radiators to be working at their full capacity in the colder months. Check to see if they need bleeding by turning your heating on and feeling the top of each radiator. If they feel cooler at the top than at the bottom, you may need to use a bleed key to release the pressure and get them working properly again.

Light it Up

We’ve had a warm summer so it’s probably a while since you lit the fire in the lounge or log burner in the dining room. If you have a log-burning fire, make sure your chimney is clear before lighting it, but once lit, you’ll find that these are a lovely, cosy way to warm the space. To make the room really festive, add some candles. Whether you prefer scented ones or classic church-style columns, you’ll find that even these add some warmth to your home.

It's officially time to wrap up, bring out those blankets and get cosy! What are your top tips for keeping the home warm in Winter?

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