Saturday, December 29, 2018

Healthy Mama || Happy December

This month I've felt better than I have in years. It's not that I've lost weight or finally got into the habit of drinking enough water, but instead I've been tackling some mental health issues that have been long standing.

Although I'm not totally there yet, I can really feel I've made a huge amount of progress which has made me far happier in myself and life has been much easier to cope with in all areas. I don't constantly feel on edge, full of panic or dread. I don't get dizzy and breathless constantly from anxiety.and although it's still there in ways, it's becoming a lot easier to manage and I feel like I'm learning where it's come from and how i.can stop it ruining my life any further.

Having a mental health issue is exhausting, it's constant, it messes with your relationships, your friendships, your life in and out of work and it makes everything ten times harder than it should be. I feel happy talking about as I feel there is far less judgement now and that frankly anyone that does feel the need to judge is of no importance to my life anyway.

Living with a freer mind is already helping me in so many ways and I just need to make sure I never go back and instead keep healing.

I feel I have some confidence back in all areas of my life. Nothing seems as overwhelm information, I feel good about my appearance right now and confident I can achieve what I want to to better my health, weight loss as well as the way I look.  Feeling really motivated with work and getting organised and life just seems to be manageable, I'm no longer drowning.

Aside from that we've managed to get through December missing all the bugs going round so far touch wood and with no more than a few sniffles here and there this is a big achievement for this time of year.

I'm looking to the new year with lots of plans. Nothing big, extravagant or unachievable, but small regular work and life goals that would have seemed impossible not too long ago but now I feel are there for the taking.

Hoping the way I feel now will carry on now and that my next update will be as positive as right now I'm packed with motivation,happiness and gratitude.

How have you.been this month?