Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Life || December

December has been so lovely, with the kids Christmas plays, lots of festive fun locally and seeing the house transform into a sparking festive wonderland to keep us warm and cosy this Christmas. I've been feeling great this month, I've been working through a few things and I'm feeling much better in myself, a lot more confident about life generally and very inspired with my work. I've taken things pretty easy blog wise this month as we've had so much going on I couldn't cope with too much more, but it's been a nice break and I'm getting things in place to smash things in January and get back on track. Here's a little more about my December...


Wearing - This month has been mostly pretty casual with all the school visits and shopping, but I did get to glam up for Adam's Christmas party which made a nice change. I've enjoyed having bandannas on a little more and had a huge chunk of hair cut off so it's looking much healthier and felt like a real treat spending the afternoon alone in a salon.

Food & Drink - We've been enjoying some treats through December and I think I was pretty minced pied out by the first week, so we've been having a few Christmas style dinners and buffets in practice. I've not gained any weight which is a good start for a healthier 2019 and I'm feeling good to go for a healthier lifestyle (again).

Watched - I've been glued to Netflix once again, this month though I've been binge watching Jane the Virgin mainly, but also watched more Ru Paul's drag race and a whole heap of Christmas films from Home Alone, The Grinch and Holiday.

Disliked - The thing that annoyed me most this month was pushy people. Around the shops has been the worst as always, but I was surprised how pushy other parents were at the school plays, literally pushing me and my Mum out the way to get front row seats like a bunch of animals; And again at the kids Winter disco, pushing to get out nearly knocking Sophie over. What is wrong with people?

Loved - I've loved the community spirit, people helping those having a tougher Christmas. I've loved that after a tough year we've had a great time and it's felt really special, really appreciating all those little things and taking nothing for granted. 

Most popular blog post - My most popular posts published in December were;

Favourite Photo - The excitement of Christmas Eve, new cosy PJs, a lovely family day and this picture just before bed time. I love having little ones this time of year and making everything magical, so this was a favourite from December.

So that was December for me, how was yours?