Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Create || Christmas Card Making With Maped Helix

There's no better time to get crafty than Christmas and we've had great fun this week tucking into some brightly coloured stationary we were sent from Maped Helix to get creative with. The products we were sent to try out were the Colour Peps felt tips and pencils set, Fluos poster paints and super pigmented water colour paints. 

As Maped helix ambassadors we've had the chance to try out some great products this year, with our summer fun and Alf's back to school kit. I've not tried their water colours yet, so I was really excited to try those, as an illustrator I use watercolours a lot and always love trying new brands.

We decided to make some Christmas cards for family using the Maped Colour Peps pens which are bright and highly pigmented for lots of colourful drawings to brighten up someones Christmas, so I thought I'd share our designs which show off the colours really well. We went for a Santa/Rudolph card, a bright rainbow silhouette design and a rainbow/bauble tree themed card. I hope our friends will love them!

If you're looking for gift ideas this year then don't forget about arts & craft supplies as little extras. Maped Helix have the bests election for all ages and it makes a great choice for something that little bit different to the normal toy gifts for kids. It's fun coming up with designs, but if you're struggling for inspiration, have a look on Pinterest for some design ideas.

Are you making any Christmas cards this year?