Thursday, August 04, 2016

Summer Holidays >> 10 Ideas For Summer Fun

A Summer Of Fun

We are absolutely loving the summer holidays at the moment. I love having no plans and our only worries being to fill our days with fun and keeping the fridge full while the kids and their friends eat us out of house and home.

We've had some lazy PJ movie days, glittery crafternoons, tasty baking mornings, happy paddling pool splashing, crazy circus training in the park, funny dog walks, beautiful forest walks, you name it we have squeezed it in and with just a few weeks to go, I am always thinking of new things we can do to fill our days and make the most of summer.

To help us parents out, Aldi launched a new garden play range today with all sorts from bouncing bubbles, to goal posts. We were kindly sent a few samples to keep the kids going over the coming weeks and as always were really impressed with the quality of everything and our most favourite of all was this super speedy RC speed buggy, selling for just £17.99 and we have all enjoyed it this week, especially me!

I thought I'd put together 10 ideas for summer fun that can all be done with products from the new Special Buys range if you don't have them already.

10 Ideas For Summer Fun

  1. Get racing! Set up a race track with obstacles, winners podium and trophies and let your little ones release their inner speed demons!

  2. Magic Bubble labs! Play mad scientists with bouncing bubbles, set up a secret bubble lab in the kids teepee and see what they can create.

  3. Roller disco! Invite some friends round and host a roller disco with a few nibbles, fresh fruity drinks and heaps of fun.

  4. Football competition! Set up the training football net and see who can score the most points. When you have a football winner why not see who has the best over arm and get throwing!

  5. Traditional fun! Have an afternoon tea followed by a game of croquet!

  6. Round up for rounders! Invite lots of pals over and have a good old game of rounders!

  7. Indoor camping! - set up an indoor camp, eat hot dogs, stay up late, but stay inside for the warmth!

  8. Ruggers! Have a good old game of rugby, fun for all ages!

  9. Bottle Bowling! Save all your old fizzy drinks bottles, weigh them down with pebbles and roll a football to make your very own home bowling alley.

  10. Stunt Scoots! Check out some of the fab scooter stunt videos on YouTube and help the kids go pro this summer.

You can buy everything you need for any of the above that take your fancy in Aldi stores and online right now while stocks last. Tomorrow it's a football tournament in the park for us!

What are your plans this summer?