5 Tips For Successful Blogging On The Go

Do you 'Blog & Go'?

'You're always tapping away on that phone'. These are words I hear frequently from my husband, especially when we are in the car. As a blogger, I can rarely switch off completely. I love my blog and constantly get ideas, inspirations for posts or maybe even just a little something springs to mind to include in the review for those shoes I'm wearing. 

Whatever it is, I am nearly always blogging one way or another and if I am on social media, you guessed it - it's blog related. I literally can't sit and do nothing, there is always something I can do.

With a bit of prior planning and know how, it's super simple to keep your blog going 24/7 (without staying awake all night!) and blog from anywhere in the world (yes even on that donkey ride) with the help of these helpful hints - my top 5 tips for succesful blogging on the go.

1. Make a plan 

In every walk of life, planning is a HUGE factor in success and blogging is just one of those areas that it can really pay off, especially when wanting to use your time effectively which is even more important while you are on the go.

Before setting out on your journey, think about what you will need. Based on where you are going, decide what you need to take with you, i.e camera, phone, note pad, laptop, tablet, change of clothes, kitchen sink; have everything ready and waiting for your adventures to begin. Always make sure batteries are fully charged on your gadgets to save having to haul around chargers needlessly - that said if you are going away overnight, be sure to pack those bad boys too!

2. Get Drafting!

When I get an idea of a post or if I'm asked to do a review or collaboration, the first thing I do is to open my Blogger account and get a post drafted. If any images or title graphics can be pre prepared I will get those in place and fill out with text content when I have a little less access or time on my travels.

Posts relating to photo sharing and link ups, I tend to prepare in advance by writing the title and adding footnotes and labels, so I can simply open the post and add an image from my mobile and publish from anywhere. That way, the fiddly bits are done so I don't need to try and read too much microscopic text on a bumpy train or car journey.

3. Get Scheduling!

Scheduling your social media posts and even blog posts, can fill the gaps while you are on the move or away from the blog. Scheduling is great because it means that things keep trucking like some sort of crazy computer magic while we are off working on our next project.

Scheduling gives us the option to multitask, as while your apps like Buffer are pumping out your pre programmed tweets, you can be capturing photos for your next project or writing another masterpiece. You can schedule your posts direct from your blog host, but there are also apps to book in items for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and even Instagram - everything is covered to keep your blog going while you are on the move. There are times where we have to break free from the blog and focus on other things, this is the perfect example of where scheduling can be your best friend - you really get the best of both worlds.

4. Maximise Mobile Potential!

I don't have an iPhone but I know they are capable of all kinds of amazing wizardry, perfect for us bloggers. On my android I do have a few apps that seriously help with the blog. A simple note app for writing down thoughts or post ideas (there are thousands out there!), Crowdfire for all kinds of details on followers, I particularly love it for Instagram as I get a little obsessed with the numbers!

Phonto is great for graphics, it allows you to make pretty simple collages and add text to images or plain backgrounds. I have recently started using PicMonkey more, and Phonto I would say is pretty much the basic version that you can use on the go and the output quality is brilliant - perfect for blog titles or adding something a little different to your Instagram feed. 

Phone cameras may not be perfect but they can take great pictures especially in natural sunlight. I have only recently got a DSLR but still love my phone pictures. Learn to edit photos properly on Instagram and overlay text for quick graphics on the go. The technology available to us is crazy nowadays so if you don't already, then I'd really recommend thinking about different ways you can use your mobile for your blog - social growth, writing, photography, simple graphics and so much more. 

It's a little more time consuming blogging from your mobile but it's a great tool and fills the gap when you don't have the time to pull out your laptop.

5. Get Gadget Savvy

There is literally nothing worse than damaging, losing, or god forbid having your gadgets stolen, but unfortunately it's so common it's really important to keep your phone, laptop, tablet and camera safe, not only from theft but also from damage on your busy commute or journey. 

A decent bag or case for your laptop may seem like a steep investment initially, but it's well worth the outlay to keep it protected. I love the backpack style bags with a specific padded area to store your laptop - from XPS to Mac, they are really discrete and comfortable for travelling too. 

Always ensure you mobile has a decent protective cover on and is easily accessible for those quick snap shots, but safely hidden from others at the same time. If you're like me and LOVE taking photos, then your camera will no doubt be with you on your travels. Get in the habit of putting it away safely and invest in a sturdy camera case (and neck strap) to avoid scratches and tinkering from little hands if you have children too.

Only take what you really need to gadget wise and if you plan in advance (using points 1-4), you will have a much lighter load on the tech front anyway.

As with most things, the key to successful blogging on the go is to be organised, be prepared and have a plan in place in advance. There are so many great sites and apps out there to help us and make round the clock blogging a reality too.

Do you have any other 'blog & go' tips or app suggestions? If so, please comment below.

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Disclosure: This is a collaboration with Dell Laptops, but all words and thoughts are my own.