March 21, 2016

Easy Yorkshire Puddings - Sweet Or Savoury?

'Ee by YUM!'

Yorkshire puddings are by far one of my favourite things in the world and are an absolute must have with a humble Sunday roast. I love filling them with gravy and using them as a cup (grown up I know), they go so well with savoury dishes but I do love them sweet too!

These puddings are essentially pancakes in a different form, so why not eat them sweet too? I love them with Sweet Freedom syrup and crushed pecans, but today I made them to cheer up my poorly son and added a dusting of icing sugar and choc shot to sweeten the deal.

As I am always looking for ways to get healthy, this recipe is for a more guilt free version using skimmed milk and one cal spray, but these ingredients can be swapped with any other options you prefer, (lard, olive oil, whole milk..). 

However you make them and whatever you use,  you will love them and be as hooked on whipping them up as I am.

These Yorkshire puddings seem to work perfectly every time and we enjoy them with both savoury meals and as a sweet treat or pudding. I am a pretty hopeless cook so this really is a super simple make!

This recipe makes six decent sized Yorkshire puddings.

What you will need 


  • Pre-heat your oven to 180C (350F)
  • Add the water, milk, egg and flour to your mixing bowl.
  • Mix the ingredients until the batter is lump free, or as lump free as you can get it! (Note - The batter made as above, is really thin looking but fear not - they will cook well and rise to perfection!).
  • Spritz your non stick muffin tin with a generous amount of oil.
  • Heat oiled tray in the oven for a few minutes.
  • Add mixture to the tin a spoonful at a time (remember this recipe is for 6)
  • Place in the hot oven for around 25 minutes or according to taste, I like mine pretty doughy still!
(Quick tip - try not to open the oven during the early stages of cooking or they could quickly sink!)

Now it's time to remove you Yorkshire puddings from the oven - the only question is, will you have them sweet or savoury? How about both!

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