March 09, 2016

Health Quest: March Motivation

February, by large was a bit of a disaster.

I didn't lose any weight, in fact I gained a little, but people have said that I look slimmer and healthier. I think I may have lost inches instead of pounds which is all good, but hopefully the pounds will follow too.

I tried a week of Keto which I loved, but then caught my daughters sick bug so decided to leave it for now, though I may well come back to it.

I enjoyed high fat but I think the lower fat higher protein option would suit me better.

My main battle recently has been sugar (again) and the fact that the addiction to it that I once shook off has returned in full force. It's almost like I have no control over eating it, it just happens.

I tried bio chromium supplements last year to control my blood sugar levels and they really seemed to help curb the cravings, so I will start those again soon.

So for what's left of March, I am setting no specific routines or 'diets', just heading back to basics with filling and healthy food, a day off once a week (and for Mother's day!) as well as a few small treats. 

Unfortunately, I seem unable to control my food binges when I eat 'normally', so I need to stay on track until I turn this ship around.

March aim - simply lose 1lb per week on average over the month. I have also started to go to the gym as part of my therapy for my PGP so I aim to go at least twice a week! I'll be putting together an essential gym starters kit soon so watch out for that too.

If anyone has any tips, recipes or products to recommend then please let me know!

Total loss to date - 67 pounds. 
Total left to lose - 53 pounds.


  1. You HAVE to get the lean in 15 cookbook. The meals are delicious and healthy too... they're the best healthy meals i have ever come across and so easy to make. The book is by Joe Wickes 'The Body Coach' ... check out his instagram as he posts quick vids on there of recipes too.

    1. Ooh brilliant thank you! I have heard the title but just thought people were getting the year wrong - doh! Sounds perfect thank you xx

  2. I was doing well then got ill and it's all gone to ruin since! I need to get back on the wagon next week though. x #FriYayLinky